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As the web3 fashion industry grows in the metaverse, so do the types and styles of brands. And, one particularly exciting area, is those brands that are attuned to the roots and rich history of styles from the cultures and regions they emerge from.

Launched by AVA3D (Mina and Pegah).

The Middle-Eastern taste of colors and designs meets the new era of computer design.

A realm with pronounced regional and cultural focus, drawing from thousands of years of textile history reaching all the way back to the cradles of human civilisation.

AVA3D is mapping out new forms of visual delicacies that are heavily inspired by the ages old trades in fabrics, tapestries and dyes.

The realm will not only focus on the fashion collections inhabiting this rich cultural salience, but also, incorporate narrative 3D scenes whereby a collector can educate themselves on elements of the cultures these artisan works derive from.

This is part of a bigger vision of AVA3D, to preserve long lasting traditions whilst extending into the hyper visual and natively digital new frontiers, as well as create a global framework to inspire other upcoming web3 fashion brands and labels focused on cultures and regions to do the same.

Stay tuned for dedicated Twitter spaces + discord live streams so you can start getting to know the web3 fashion labels and designers that are defining the future.

Also, check out the DIGITALAX discord #AVA3D channel where more updates will be released!

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