Bluesky has launched a new product roadmap for the coming months. The decentralized social network said on Tuesday that it is planning to introduce direct messages, support for videos, improved custom feeds, and new moderation controls.

In a blog post, the company said it is developing a direct messaging (DM) service that will be integrated into the Bluesky app, off the decentralized AT Protocol — the protocol that Bluesky uses — initially, and would later develop an on-protocol DM. Bluesky said that this initial version will facilitate one-on-one chat and have controls for users to limit who can DM them.

The company says it is also working on improving its custom feeds, which lets users curate their feeds. You can use third-party tools to improve what custom feeds can do, but Bluesky says it is now working on features like in-app feed creation, better feed discovery, a new trending feeds view, the ability to submit posts to feeds, curate the submissions and manually moderate them; and a way arrange feeds on the home screen better.

Bluesky said it is also working on anti-harassment tools, though it didn’t detail what these tools might do.

Additionally, the social network is looking into extending support for videos on the platform as well as an “OAuth” login mechanism that would allow users to “Log in with Bluesky” to different services related to the social network. Currently, users need to use a separate password to log-in to third-party apps and remember it.

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