Conflux (CFX) v2.4.0-testnet Hardfork Upgrade Announcement

Conflux (CFX) v2.4.0-testnet Hardfork Upgrade Announcement

Conflux, a public blockchain system that aims to provide fast and secure decentralized applications, has officially announced its upcoming v2.4.0-testnet hardfork upgrade. According to the Conflux Forum, all nodes should be upgraded before the epoch number reaches 173520000, which is estimated to occur on May 30, 15:00 (GMT+8). The upgrade will enable several Conflux Improvement Proposals (CIPs) upon reaching specific block numbers.

Incompatible Changes

The hardfork includes multiple incompatible changes aimed at enhancing the performance and security of the Conflux network. Some notable CIPs include:

  • CIP-130: Proposes aligning gas limit with transaction size.
  • CIP-131: Aims to remove the “clear contract whitelist on contract deletion” feature.
  • CIP-132: Fixes a specific bug related to static context checks.
  • CIP-133: Improves block hash query in the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • CIP-136: Increases PoS lock/unlock/retire periods to pre-CIP113 values.
  • CIP-137: Adjusts transaction fee distribution, sharing a portion of the base fee with miners.
  • CIP-141: Disables subroutine opcodes.
  • CIP-142: Introduces transient storage opcodes.
  • CIP-143: Introduces MCOPY (0x5e) instruction for efficient memory copy.
  • CIP-144: Introduces KZG point evaluation precompiled contract.
  • CIP-145: Fixes receipts upon NotEnoughBalance error.
  • CIP-1559: Introduces Ethereum’s EIP-1559 fee structure to Conflux while accounting for unique network aspects.

RPC Improvement

  • Implement Geth style trace RPC for eSpace, including debug_traceTransaction, debug_traceBlockByHash, and debug_traceBlockByNumber. Documentation about tracer is available in docs/transaction-tracer.
  • Support for EIP1559-type eSpace transactions.
  • Implement EIP1559-related RPCs eth_feeHistory and eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas.
  • Support for CIP1559-type native transactions.
  • Implement CIP1559-related RPCs cfx_maxPriorityFeePerGas, cfx_feeHistory, and cfx_getFeeBurnt.

Bug Fix

  • Fix a packing pool bug when all the transactions have the same price.


Download “Conflux v2.4.0-testnet” here.

Node Operators and Miners: Action Required

If you are a node operator or miner, you need to follow these steps:

  • Upgrade your node before the epoch number reaches 173520000 (estimated at May 30, 15:00 (GMT+8)). Replace conflux.exe with the new one in Conflux v2.4.0-testnet under the run directory, then restart the node.
  • If upgrading after the epoch number reaches 173520000, delete all data and restart the node.
  • If starting a new node, download the latest version of Conflux v2.4.0-testnet and run it.

Consequences of Not Upgrading

Failing to upgrade your Conflux node will result in incompatibility with the upgraded Conflux protocol, leading to disabled functions such as block synchronization and mining.

Community Support

Conflux extends its gratitude to the community and developers for their continued support and contributions. This upgrade is a step towards a more robust and efficient future for the Conflux network.

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