Discord is back online after an outage this morning, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The outage came as Meta’s Instagram, Facebook and Threads all went down this morning. YouTube has also confirmed that its service is having issues this morning too, and that it’s working on a fix.

“This incident has been resolved,” Discord’s status page reads. “We are reviewing the updated rate limiting that triggered the initial session start issues, as well as the scaling targets for the internal service which limited guild loading during initial recovery.”

Discord says it is monitoring the recovery of multiple systems.

According to third party monitoring website DownDetector, the issues began at around 10:50 AM ET. Users reported that they were unable to load messages, while others say said they were unable to access the service at all.

The outages across the multiple services come on Super Tuesday, a day when people across a number of U.S. states are voting in the primary today. The outages, mainly on Facebook and Instagram, may make it harder for candidates to continue their outreach and remind people to head to the polls on an important day.

Update 05/05/2024 11:45 AM ET: The article has been updated to reflect that Discord has solved the issue and is back online. 


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