Here’s a fun left-field idea from CES this week: a smart lightbulb capable of taking health readings, including heart rate, temperature and tracking sleep. Necessary? Not in the slightest. Interesting, yeah, sure.

On the face of it, the product operates in a similar capacity as the latest Nest Hub — and uses a similar technology. Radar sensing is at the heart of it, measuring changes in the user’s body to deliver a kind of passive health monitoring system — i.e. one that doesn’t require you to put on a smartwatch or fitness band.

Of course, there are a lot more variables with a lightbulb, versus a product specifically designed to sit next to your head while you sleep. There are also some broader questions here, like, is the sense of convenience in not wearing a fitness band — or even ring — so great that you’d want to outsource it to a lightbulb? And what of accuracy? It’s tough to compete with readings from sensors mounted directly next to the body.

The smarthome gadget has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality, and could have some potentially useful applications for eldercare, including fall detection. The Verge has a bit more insight into the bulb, which is set to launch toward the end of the year for an undisclosed price. Sengled announced a number of other products at the show, as well, including a smart oil diffuser, a portable lamp and a motion sensor.

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