More awesome PLAYZ NFT in players’ hands!

PlayDapp gamers, we’ve been running our NFT giveaway event for just 3 weeks now! And with almost 70% given away, now is the perfect time to get yourself in on the action!

We won’t stop, can’t stop giving them away until we hit 1,000!

PlayDapp giving away NFT

Please note we took this snapshot of winners on December 30th, if you submitted it successfully after that you’ll be in the next batch of released NFT.

Who’s already a winner? Check the table below for your wallet address!

We’ve sent out NFT to the lucky winners, so make sure to check your wallets on the PlayDapp marketPLAce, and look for them in your account.

Remember these are R Grade NFT and will not show in item manager, they can be used as composite pieces to upgrade into SR and SSR NFT, for staking.

Submitted but not won? Make sure you followed the rules!

We wanted to see you! Just like Lance, show us the fun on the face! We had a number of people that could have won, but they skipped one crucial step! Don’t miss out! With just 30% left, now is the time to enter again if you missed out!

How to Participate in NFT Giveaway Event

You must then connect to Item Manager through the game. For new players, please note when you create an account in the Play-to-Earn server, this account will be permanently bound to the wallet address you use to log in to Item Manager for the first time from the account.

Then post proof with a photo of yourself, showing that you are connected to Item Manager, just like Lance in our image at the top in the #playz-nft-event channel in our official PlayDapp Games Discord, which you can access here:

Team PlayDapp

By: PlayDapp Editor_Ryan

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