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  • Cometh Battle balancing period has been running for 18 days with a total of 2,400 games played so far!
  • Average duration of the battles is now at 10 minutes, which is a little more than the game design target
  • Several fixes and improvements were pushed 8 bug fixes last week
  • Access widening is in progress and new mechanisms are ready to fly!
  • Read the #1 report here.

Space battles with card based actions

Cometh Battle is built as a free-to-play tactical card game. Players must strategically combine spaceship and deck before confrontation and handle battle hazards. The game rewards the smartests in deck crafting and most agile in combat.

Cometh Battle uses blockchain based play and earn mechanics. Players own their ship and cards in forms of NFT they can trade, sell, lend and use any way they like. Designed with a focus on fair competitive play, players unlock valuable resources through their successes in the game.

New attribute: “Secret”, a card that triggers upon a specific event

Secret cards are played face down and the opponent can’t see the card until the trigger effect is played. This allows the deck builders to prepare for more contextual plays. This new attribute is applied to core game effects for now but will likely find other uses in the short term.

Orbiters, prepare for battle formation

Five of the new cards are related to orbiters including a new type of companion: the Enhancer. The latter will boost by +1 the orbiters in play and will make a great addition to the popular orbiter themed decks.

New game mode: Private Battle

Cometh Battle now lets the players create private battles with a shareable invitation code. This feature paves the way for great tournament management and for players to create games with their own stakes.

Minor balancing changes

Laser Burst

Cost is reduced from 5 to 4

New effect: Deal 3 damage to all opponents (instead of 4 damages to all).

Shield Layering

Cost is reduced from 4 to 3

New effect: EXILED

Power Generator Cost:

Cost is reduced from 4 to 3

New effect: Increase your maximum energy by 1 (instead of 2).

Shield Core MK 2:

Cost is reduced from 6 to 5

Exile Essence Recycling:

New effect: EXILED

Defensive Strategy:

New effect: : Gain 4 hp (instead of 2).


New effect: Gain 5 HP (instead of 3).

Safe Kit:

New effect: Gain 8 HP (instead of 6).

Get involved now

☄️ Waitinglist for Cometh Battle: https://www.cometh.io

☄️ Cometh Beyond Whitepaper

☄️ Follow the updates & Demo: https://discord.gg/mcXn2R2QRx

☄️ Listing to Space tunes on Cometh’s Youtube channel and Soundcloud.

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