chart of sales volume with rapidly rising sales in 2020

SuperRare Sales Volume Increases 365%

It’s speeding up!

“The marketplace started the year with $344,000 in platform sales volume, but has seen that figure almost quadruple in seven months…”

“Research analyst at Messari Crypto, Mason Nystrom, has plotted the growth charts, for SuperRare, and notes that collectors from 178 countries have earned over $350,000 in secondary sales, demonstrating a vibrant post-auction market.”

iMore picked up on the Cointelegraph article and this nice looking piece resulted:
Collecting digital artwork is growing even as the pandemic continues

One of the 5 Routes to Mainstreaming CryptoArt I previously discussed.

New to the Game?

I recently ran across Ryan Sean Adams piece from the beginning of the year:
How to make money on digital art

Reasonable place to start if you’re trying to sort out what’s happening with cryptoart as an asset.

Picasso’s Bull Nets $55,555.55

Media coverage of the sale of Picasso’s Bull by Trevor Jones for $55,555.55 on Nifty Gateway:

Nifty Gateway Sets New Record for Digital Art Sale

Non-fungible Digital Artwork Sale Shatters Records, ‘Picasso’s Bull’ NFT Sells for $55K

Interview with Trevor Jones and the Museum of Crypto Art’s Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile

Intellectual Property as a CryptoArt Asset

Speaking of high prices, people got upset with a dude naming Boxmining who questioned the idea of a $30k price tag for an NFT.

Jake Brukhman responded with some stimulating thoughts about the potential for using NFTs to license artistic product. Worth a read but Brukhman’s comments don’t respond to Boxmining’s take nor do they consider the actual reality of licensing and intellectual property in the arts.

More of a reminder that cryptoart assets go beyond the buying and selling of cryptoart as discreet pieces and that there is more to come!

Wash Trading = Bad

Wash trading is not a good thing in any market but it probably exists in all markets including the cryptoart market.

We recently discussed the issue and, since then, NonFungible dropped more knowledge on the topic.

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