CryptoBlades, we are ecstatic to announce our latest partnership with BitHotel who is officially joining our Knighthood Program. With this induction to the Knighthood program, they have provided 100,000 of their token BTH to be distributed over 2 weeks for our players to collect as rewards! Players can enter the Treasury and select BTH as the token for their rewards rather than SKILL!

About BitHotel

โ€œBit Hotel is an online social NFT game that will use Bit Hotel Coin as its in-game currency. Players collect NFT items and characters and are able to display them in their room or in mini-games. Each room and common room functions as a chat room where you can hang out, chat or trade with other players. Next to that players can battle it out in one of the mini-games to earn token rewards, and withdraw them to their wallets.โ€(BitHotel, 2021)

We are extremely excited to be working with BitHotel, and cannot wait to see them grow! To learn more about BitHotel, visit their website and Twitter!

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