When we launched CryptoBlades in May of this year, our goal was to create an experimental gaming experience where players could collect NFTs which they could level up and earn with them over time. By July, we reached major milestones such as the release of our NFT marketplace, our first 5,000 token holders, and a small but fervent community who believed in us.

By August, we peaked at over 1.1 million users, 5 million NFTs minted, a Discord server with 100,000 users speaking 26 different languages, and for a time our site traffic even outranked Binance in the Philippines!

On October 2nd, CryptoBlades Kingdoms went public, the first major expansion to the CryptoBlades franchise. Developed in conjunction with Seedify since July, and designed with hyper scalability and metaverse applications in mind, at the time this was our most ambitious project yet and we have since partnered with some of the biggest names in the crypto and gaming space to make it possible.

We’ve since deployed these funds to bring our AAA gaming vision to life by partnering with a number of veteran studios, such as:

We are working with Volmi to bring our designs to life in 3D space. They bring a wealth of experience to the table having worked on Smite, ThroneBreaker, Metro, and so many other great projects!

Improbable is working on metaverse-scale technology for AAA gaming. A recent proof-of-concept they released was ScavLabs, an event where they hosted K-Pop star AleXa in an arena with thousands of spectators participating in different ways, check it out here! They will play a pivotal role in bringing a true metaversal experience to life for Omnus.

The Mill has shown that they are one of the best in the industry at taking a creative vision and putting it into an elevated, high quality cinematic experience. We are extremely excited to be partnering with their team to put together something truly epic for the official trailer of CryptoBlades Kingdoms over the coming months!

Needless to say, our vision for CryptoBlades as a whole is to bring the best and brightest minds in the world together to create gaming and metaverse experiences we have never seen before. I’ll start with CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

CryptoBlades Kingdoms combines AAA art with safe, fast, and reliable blockchain integration to give Land NFT owners the ability to play a fun and competitive multiplayer game, all within their favorite Dapp browser. Building on the success of the original CryptoBlades, you will also be able to import characters and weapons for additional earning opportunities within CryptoBlades Kingdoms. Some of the most anticipated features that will be available are:

Player vs Player — Battle other players for loot and territory dominance
Dungeons —
Team up to defeat bosses and earn valuable NFTs
Raids — Use armies to pillage and plunder
Guilds —
Create a thriving community and enjoy exclusive perks
Guild Battles —
Battle for the world in large-scale wars
Land Manager —
Monetize your assets by hiring players for your account

All of this is driven by the CryptoBlades KING Token, the primary token for purchasing Land and Resources within CryptoBlades Kingdoms and OMNUS

Starting January 2nd, KING token holders can stake for 30, 60, and 180 days to earn NFT rewards as well as over $1,000,000 in KING tokens!

To join the staking pools, check out our staking interface here!

This brings us to our open decentralized metaverse project, OMNUS. What started as a way for us to give an interactive experience to CryptoBlades, has drastically expanded in scope and vision into an immersive 3D experience that is multi-chain, multi-protocol, and is completely owned and governed by LAND and KING holders.

Any protocol wishing to add 3D NFT technology to their project at scale can do so by owning LAND NFTs, and locking KING tokens, driving up demand and value for holders. Protocols not only can create an amazing 3D experience to go along with their existing blockchain technology, but they can monetize their space in OMNUS in any way they see fit. Whether it be creating amazing eSports experiences in a coliseum, hosting a major convention, or launching a brand new Play-To-Earn game of their own, OMNUS will be the epicentre of the metaverse!

We are excited to bring you our newest Garrison feature! The Garrison allows accounts to hold additional characters per account (4 active and as many as you please in the Garrison). Any extra characters you mint, purchase on the market, or receive via transfer on an already full four warrior team will be sent to your Garrison. The Garrison will be essential for features coming shortly but is very exciting now for those who wish to collect more characters but don’t want to accumulate a mass amount of accounts per wallet.

So as 2021 comes to a close, we invite you to enter into this journey with us. We have many more exciting updates to share in the near future, and we look forward to building out this vision with you, together.

Love you all,

Philip “Kroge” Devine
Riveted Games

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