Look out folks, Decentraland has stormed in with a sweet new upgrade to its ground-breaking emotes system. Now, denizens of the Metaverse can express themselves on a whole new level with the application of sounds and accessories!

Just over a year ago, Decentraland introduced the ability for visitors to express themselves via the use of its community made emotes. These are essentially small animations that users can apply to their avatars in order to demonstrate their feelings in the virtual world. However, the original technology only allowed visual embellishments to the online persona, and stopped short of its true potential.

Now, all that has changed with the introduction of ‘Emotes 2.0’ which has opened the door to a full range of tailor-made visualizations. A feat made possible by the introduction of both sounds and props into the mix. As demonstrated by Decentraland with its free new ‘Love Grenade’ emote now available for visitors to enjoy!

Emotes Mark a Pivotal Moment in Decentraland’s Evolution

Thanks to its innovative feature, Decentraland community members have built a fine repository of over 380 different expressions. These have then allowed users far and wide to think up creative new ways to interact with its environment. As a result of this ingenuity, they have integrated emotes into a fine new range of games and activities.

So, get ready to experience the Metaverse in a whole new way, and for creators, Decentraland will allow them to update their existing emotes with the new features for free!

Find more details on how to create the new emotes >> Here

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