• February 8th, 2500 DeFi Land Seed NFTs will be dropped through the Magic Eden platform.
  • February 9th, 5000 DeFi Land Seed NFTs will be dropped through our website https://defiland.app/
  • Mint price will be 2 SOL for both sales.
  • Once you get Seed NFTs, you will need to water those using DFL for 30 days. Better care you take of your plants, bigger they will grow and reward you more.
  • From the plant, you will get from 1 to 4 Gen-0 Utility NFTs, which will be used for in-game activities and exclusive advantages.
  • The Core Gen-0 NFTs available in this launch will consist of various cute animals, fishing rods, hunting guns, and harvesters.
DeFi Land Gen-0 Harvester
DeFi Land Plant growing stages
  • DeFi Landers will purchase a seed for 2 SOL which must be planted in our game. We believe that this is a fair price that is in line with other projects, especially in the current market. There are 7,500 seeds available with the same Metadata meaning all of them have the same visual and opportunity, and each wallet can purchase only 4 seeds. Your seed will grow up to become your Gen-0 NFT rewards.
  • When you plant the seed, you lock it into a smart contract for 30 days. One wallet can only plant a single NFT seed in their land. Each 24hr, you will have one opportunity to water the seed for a cost of 50–150 DFL tokens. The more you water, the “healthier” your plant will grow up to be, resulting in better rewards after the 30-day period.
  • After the 30-day period, your plant will be ready to be harvested. Your rewards will be based on a 5-Tier system. Your tier will be determined by the consistency of your watering (remember you have a chance to water once per 24hrs for the 30-day period) and the amount that you water each day. Suppose you plant your seed but don’t have time for daily watering. You will still get your NFT in Tier 5, but your chances of receiving a rare drop will be lower. If you are a diligent farmer who has accumulated enough DFL to water your seed daily, you can rise to Tier 1 and receive up to 4 Gen-0 NFTs with the highest probability of earning a rare item. A short description of each tier is listed below:
DeFi Land Gen-0 Cats
DeFi Land Golden Fishing Rod NFT
  • The body = the number of uses before the rod has worn out and needs to be repaired. The fishing rod can be repaired on your crafting table for a small cost of $DFL.
  • The reel = the difficulty of the fishing game. A better reel will slow down the fishing game mechanics, so it is easier for you to hit the “blue” and boost your chances of catching a heavier fish.
  • The float= the start of the fishing game. A better float will start the fishing action faster, giving you the ability to catch fish with less effort.
  • The hook = the chance of catching a rarer/bigger fish. The P2E fishing game will include new fishes, and a better hook will be essential to catching unique and higher value fish.
Fishing Rod Gen-0 stats
  • Common: Your starting level is 0 and your maximum level is 40.
  • Ordinary: Your starting level is 5 and your maximum level is 50.
  • Rare: Your starting level is 15 and your maximum level is 70.
  • Unique: Your starting level is 20 and your maximum level is 80.
  • Legendary: Your starting level is 30 and your maximum level is 100.
  • Gen-0 NFT holders will be able to earn future generation NFTs, as more and more mini-games will be added over-time, without buying them. Instead, you will be able to earn future NFTs through in-game quests and achievements. These opportunities will not be available to users who do not hold Gen-0 NFTs.
  • As well as, Gen-0 NFTs will be able to craft new NFTs without any limitation. Users will have to combine it with resources, DFL and Blueprint (that can be obtained randomly while playing a game). For more details don’t forget to look for updates in our official docs.
  • First generation of our Core NFTs will be the only way to earn through mini-game activities for several weeks, before new games and crafting is introduced. So owners of those will be able exclusively earn limited edition rewards.
Honorary Solana Golden Rifle


By: DeFi Land


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