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This is a summary of our Seed NFT drop. For our full NFT article, click here.

We have been blown away by the enthusiasm for our unique Seed NFTs, which will be your keys to unlock the future of Play-To-Earn in DeFi Land. Very soon, you could be the owner of our beautifully designed fishing rod, hunting gun, adorable pet, or harvester that generates rewards by playing our addicting mini-games. As the anticipation grows, our team has been working to ensure a smooth and fair distribution for both the whitelist and public sales. Here are a few things that will help you prepare for mint day:

Mark your calendars and set your alarms. We are expecting these to go fast!

DeFi Land Website Wednesday February 9, 2022

  • Whitelist 7:00 UTC-15:00 UTC 👈 We are providing an eight-hour window to give our whitelist participants plenty of time to mint their seeds!
  • Public Sale 15:00 UTC
  • Total Supply = 7500 seeds

Secondary Sale: The seeds can be traded on Magic Eden immediately after the sale is closed.

Cost of the mint: 2 SOL per seed. You then have the option to water your seed in-game with 50 to150 DFL per day for 30 days to maximize the quantity and probability of rarity of NFTs received.

Seed Planting Date: You will plant your seeds on February 15. This will give you time to learn exactly how the process works and gather the DFL you will need to water. Prior to the seed planting date, you may also buy and sell the seeds on Magic Eden.

Were you a top 1000 DeFi Lander in the public beta? Did you manage to score a whitelist giveaway from us or one of our lovely partners? If so, congratulations! You have earned a ticket to access the mint during an eight-hour window before the public sale on February 9th. And yes, we mean an actual ticket. We will airdrop an NFT ticket to all WL members that qualifies you for the whitelist sale.

The demand for our whitelist skyrocketed over the last week and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have everyone on board. However, we also want to allow new members to participate in a competitive public sale. To ensure a fair distribution, we are limiting the whitelist sales as follows:

  • Top 1000 DeFi Landers can purchase up to 3 seeds during the whitelist sale (snapshot taken on Feb 1st)
  • All other community whitelist wallets can purchase up to 2 seeds during the whitelist sale.

To double-check your whitelist status, please visit our website. Thank you for being a valuable member of our community!

Our first priority for a fair distribution was to guarantee whitelist spots to our loyal DeFi Landers and community partners. The demand for our whitelist skyrocketed over the last week and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have everyone on board. However, we also want to allow new members to participate in a competitive public sale. To ensure that there will be seeds left over after the whitelist sales, we are limiting whitelist participants to 2 seeds. The remaining seeds can be purchased in the public sale.

The Gen-0 NFT drop is designed to be a unique and gamified experience. There is value in purchasing the seed, but there is even more value in taking care of your plant throughout the 30-day watering period. Don’t worry, we will give you until February 14 to learn about this process and how to maximize your rewards. Here’s a brief overview:

  • You can plant any number of seeds in DeFi Land. You will water each seed by paying up to 150 DFL tokens per day. By watering your plant consistently, you will qualify for higher tiers. Earning a higher tier will yield better rewards.
  • A single seed without watering will give you one NFT with a lower probability of being a rare item.
  • A single seed with maximum watering will give you four NFTs with a higher probability of receiving rare items. That means you get the fishing rod, hunting gun, pet, and harvester.
  • Icing on the cake? We will be burning 100% of the DFL tokens obtained through watering.

You can find all the details of our gamified NFT drop and tier system here.

New to DeFi Land? Make sure to join our communities and become part of our family! There may be a few last-minute whitelist spots and giveaways available for a few lucky new members.


By: DeFi Land


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