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Non-Fungible Tokens offer many different opportunities and not only in trading.. Indeed with the slew of new projects appearing every day, certain skills are now keenly sought after by companies and startups.

This naturally involves developers and programmers, but also artists are now increasingly finding jobs in web3, and if there’s one segment developing crazy fast, it’s in Gaming.

In order to make it easier for recruiters, collectors, players and artists to connect, Ulti Arena has set up a marketplace dedicated to gaming, let’s see how it works!

Presentation of Ulti Arena

ulti arena channels

The Ulti Arena project was initiated this year using the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon and it’s looking to become a central hub that connects the different players in the gaming industry.

To achieve this, a specialized NFT marketplace for this sector will be created and is aimed at Game Developers/Creators and Gamers. For game creators, it will be possible to discover the dream artist (UI Developer, Unity/Unreal Engine Developer…) on their platform and also collaborators for other projects.

Gamers will be able to participate in various discussions about the projects and also take advantage of the many assets on the marketplace.

The NFTs that can be exchanged on this marketplace will be dedicated to the world of gaming and the different stages related to its construction. For example, it will be possible to buy and sell Game Assets, User Interfaces, Music and Sound.

To complete this ecosystem, Ulti Arena has a token, $ULTI.

Play to Earn and $ULTI Tokenomics

ulti arena tokenomics

The $ULTI token will have several uses within the Ulti Arena Universe. Whether it’s to reward players or to be able to buy NFTs, $ULTI will be the cornerstone of this ecosystem, here is what’s being offered:

  • Staking and Yield Farming: by stacking $ULTI, it will be possible to get NFT rewards but also with stacking to get more $ULTI, it will be possible to access exclusive collections.
  • Access Proof of Gaming: The only way to access the games will be to pay for access in $ULTI. There will also be the possibility to buy some NFTs in the games (skins etc)
  • Access Ultimate Battle Arena: Collectible trading card game developed by Ulti Arena in partnership with FRAG GAMES.
  • Discounts and Rewards: Another advantage of keeping your $ULTI is to be able to benefit from discounts on the marketplace.

Other elements complement the usefulness of tokens. The way to earn $ULTI can be done by playing and depending on the ranking and the quality of play, the reward will be variable.

With 52% of the supply reserved for “Proof-of-Gaming“, the best way to earn $ULTI will be to play!


Play to Earn projects continue to develop on the Binance Smart Chain but Ulti Arena seems to be developing a complete ecosystem, from the creation of the NFT marketplace to the economy designed for players. ULTI Arena’s products will also be available on Polygon and Ethereum very soon!

Without having to worry about transaction fees, players will be able to focus on earning $ULTI thanks to their performance in games. Developers and creators will be able to focus on the development of their game and have an engaged community at their fingertips.

Designed to highlight everything that touches on the world of gaming, Ulti Arena has all the necessary tools to achieve their objectives!


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