The CoinMarketCap Diamond Reward is a newly launched feature that allows Dapps to interact with users and run various campaigns that benefit both parties. Users on CoinMarkerCap who possess so-called “Diamonds” can spend them on NFT / Avatars/ Mystery Boxes and more. Diamonds can be earned on CMC through daily activities like logging into CoinMarketCap every day, participating in airdrops, and making price predictions.


Dvision’s World’s most valuable asset is LAND NFT which is also known to our users under the “Meta-Space” concept, that can be acquired and owned exclusively by users in metaverse space. The LAND is the digital piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT (ERC-721 / BEP-721). If you are wondering, what sort of content you can create with your LAND, take a look at the product use cases:

  • Create and own games
  • Create a valuable content
  • Rent LAND
  • Host events & conferences
  • Earn DVI tokens by charging for the admission and conducting the advertising campaigns

Being the early adopters of LAND NFT and owning it in Dvision Metaverse will grant you a chance to create valuable content and book the best spots in the biggest Meta-Cities like Seoul and New York and this time newly announced ones, Tokyo and London.

The Meta-Space is the actual LAND that is presented inside of the Dvision Metaverse and is de facto the integral part of each Meta-City. The Meta-Space is the place where everyone can bring their virtual dreams into reality, by creating the content of their own preference without any viable limitations. The LAND is the digital piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT (ERC-721 or BEP-721). The LAND will exist within each Meta-City with a finite supply capped at 200,000 parcels due to the scarce nature of the digital pieces of the virtual estate.

The LAND can be used literally for any type of content, as it is presented as a ready-to-create platform. This portion of the virtual estate can be used in order to create a limitless amount of diverse pieces of content. Your content can be the next big thing in the Dvision Metaverse, and you will be able to claim profits in DVI tokens by setting the entrance fees to your Meta-Space. You can also rent out your LAND to the potential content creator to allow him to utilize your space or you can accommodate various advertising campaigns on your Meta-Space from third-party business providers.


A Special Limited Edition of CoinMarketCap Hoodies was created for Diamond Campaign distribution where users of Dvision Network can get a wearable item and use it as NFT in one of the Dvision’s meta cities. The design of Hoodies was inspired by the logo of CoinMarketCap that shows where and how the Hoodies were received.

In Dvision’s Metaverse, the avatars of users can be customized based on their own preferences. The scary of the branded items creates high demand from the big audience which raises the price of NFTs on secondary platforms like Reliable and Dvision Network’s own marketplace. Hence do not miss the opportunity to receive one of the coolest wearable items in Dvision Metaverse.

Note: In order to claim your CoinMarketCap Land NFTs, you will need to register on Dvision’s Website. Users can claim the special NFT Lands and Hoodies during this NFT Reward Campaign. Make sure to follow all the steps outlined below:

  1. Create your account on Dvision.app

2. Submit the BSC-supported / Polygon-supported wallet address to CoinMarketCap (BSC for Hoodies / Polygon for LANDs)

3. The NFTs will be distributed within 7 days after the completion of the NFT reward campaign.

Please DO NOTE, that only those who follow us on the SNS channels mentioned below, will be eligible to claim their NFT rewards:


By: Dvision Network


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