Another week, another NFT mint (or two)! In this particular case, we’re talking about the upcoming mint for Kepler Citizenship Passport NFTs, a founder type NFT for the MMO, sci-fi shooter, Earth from Another Sun.

A new mint is coming on May 10th for an epic, sci-fi, MMO / FPS known as Earth From Another Sun. This mint is for Kepler Citizenship Passport NFTs. Collection size of 1,000 and a price of 2 SOL each.

These limited edition Passports offer a number of benefits. This includes future NFT airdrops, early access to alpha and beta tests, bonuses to contribution points, whitelists for future mints, and entry into exclusive events!

Citizenship Passport utility info

The mint opens on May 10th, 2024 at 6am UTC on Magic Eden. The guaranteed whitelist phase runs for 6 hours, followed by 5 hours for the FCFS (first come first served) whitelist, and then a public sale if any NFTs remain available.

It’s too late to earn a whitelist spot, but you can still sign up at to see your status and prep your account for season two missions, which will lead into an upcoming airdrop. These missions are social based — inviting friends, participating on Discord, etc. It seems like the Earth From Another Sun team plans on using this same system moving forward, so if you are interested in this game, it doesn’t hurt to sign up!

Citizenship Passport mint details

What is Earth From Another Sun?

Earth From Another Sun is an open-world style, sci-fi, MMO that sees players navigating the stars, and engaging enemies on planets while commanding their own personal army!

Players roam the galaxy, battle hostile enemies, both human and non-human, complete quests, and bolster their army with new weapons, vehicles, and mechs. But this isn’t just a static universe. Every battle and quest completed will have some sort of effect on the galaxy. Even if these effects are minor, as more players play and engage with the system, the game may change based on these interactions.

Earth From Another Sun offers solo play as well as cooperative play throughout the game with groups of up to four players. They also plan to release 10-person raid-type events.

The game is in alpha testing. Currently only PvE mode is available, though the team plans to add some sort of PvP gameplay in the future. You can gain access to the alpha by owning a Passport (mint coming soon) or a Companion NFT (current floor price ~0.2 SOL)

Earth From Another Sun wants to be an ever-growing universe, and hopes to realize this goal by implementing the ability for players to create custom content such as quests, NPCs, and even custom planets!

To learn more about Earth From Another Sun, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

Earth From Another Sun screenshot
epic battles from a first person perspective

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