Cradles announces a new public beta for their time-traveling MMO featuring dinosaurs, land ownership, and an evolving world. The open beta phase begins on September 10th and will be available to everyone!

The next beta phase for Cradles launches on September 10th. This will be an open beta, available to anyone and everyone. There are some rumours that Dinopets owner or other players on a whitelist will have early access, perhaps as soon as September 1st. However, we don’t have an official announcement about that.

We actually don’t have a lot of info about this beta. Another beta session they held earlier this summer included USDT rewards forthe top bug reports and suggestions, as well as CRDS tokens just for playing. The earlier beta also included world exploration, socializing, monster hunting, party formation, guilds, mining, and crafting. Presumably this beta will have all those features as well, and maybe some new features also!

Hopefully we’ll receive more details soon. Or perhaps we’ll just discover it on our own when the beta opens!

With an old school MMO look and feel, Cradles is competing to be one of the first to launch a web3-enabled MMO that can potentially attract players familiar with games such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, and all of the titles that followed in their footsteps.

Cradles is available for download on Steam. In addition, the team promises an exclusive NFT for everyone who downloads and plays the beta through Steam!

Cradles screenshot
a pet, or lunch?

What is Cradles?

Cradles is an MMORPG set in a world co-inhabited by humans and dinosaurs and features a living world throw grows and evolves over time.

Cradles includes a main city hub that functions as the marketplace and social scene. Outside of the city are adventure areas. Here players explore, battle with prehistoric beasts, and collect materials for crafting. The adventure areas will represent different, lost eras of time in the Earth’s history. And, of course, the more dangerous areas provide more lucrative rewards! In Cradles, players acquire equipment, crystals, Civilization Flames. Players use Civilization Flames to light beacon towers, which give the player’s favorite civilization a boost.

Crystals are the main game currency, used to level up weapons, strengthen equipment, and make repairs. Crystals will exist as their own blockchain token. Players earn Crystals in daily quests and in crystal mines.

Interestingly, Cradles has chosen not to sell any NFTs! Instead, they will focus on providing value to their token (DRPC, or DRepublic Coin), and let players decide which NFTs are worth trading. Players will have access to a crafting feature, allowing them to use materials harvested from the adventure areas to make equipment.

Cradles will also have some sort of NFT staking / rental system and options for passive income. It will also be a subscription based game.

Like many other web3 games, Cradles has big plans. These include a quest system, player governance, player-created experiences, land ownership, attacks by Chaos on the main cities, and more!

To learn more about Cradles, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.


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