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Evermoon’s Core Gameplay

Available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms, Evermoon celebrated a triumphant Alpha release in December 2022, attracting over 58,000 users in Southeast Asia.

The game merges Web2 gaming with Web3 features, offering players the choice between non-NFT and NFT heroes across six classes. It also introduces Cosmetic Skins of different rarities, obtainable from the in-game marketplace or by combining ‘Hero Shards’ from ‘Loot Boxes’.

Evermoon stands out in the P2E arena with its dynamic economy, powered by $EVM and $ES tokens for governance and in-game transactions, highlighting the seamless integration of blockchain technology into its intriguing gameplay.

Nonetheless, the game rewards both Web2 and Web3 players based on their performance and the mode of play. Regular matches grant Loot Boxes and experience points to the Victors, whereas ranked matches provide additional ranking points and exclusive Loot Boxes for winners.

Adding to its allure, Evermoon introduces daily and weekly quests, as well as Move-to-Earn quests that encourage players to stay physically active in exchange for stamina points.

As Evermoon prepares for its Beta launch alongside Immutable Passport, it’s poised to redefine the landscape of gaming, merging immersive gameplay with pioneering technology for an unparalleled digital ownership experience for its Web3 foes.

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