Heroes of Mavia launched their Ruby Marketplace this week, opening up the way for the trading and minting of cosmetic skins directly within the game! And though currently this marketplace is only available in-game and only accepts Ruby tokens as payment, the Heroes team has plans to build a web-based marketplace as well.

A new feature rolled out to Heroes of Mavia this week, an in-game marketplace that allows for player trading of NFTs and the minting of new NFT skins! Known as the Ruby Marketplace, this in-game trading and minting hub brings a new feature to the game and a new use-case for the Ruby token.

Ruby is an in-game token only. Players earn Ruby by fighting with other players. And now they can spend that Ruby on exclusive skins from the in-game shop! Players will need to upgrade their HQ building to level 4 before they can access the Ruby Marketplace.

The Ruby Marketplace launched with a limited edition mint of 36 different skins, one for each troop and building type in game. These items feature a “SuperMavian” color scheme, and are limited to only 500 copies of each. These skins can be equipped in-game to change the appearance of your buildings and troops.

All Legendary level items sold on the Ruby Marketplace are NFTs on the Base blockchain. Once purchased, items from the Ruby Marketplace may be traded with other players.

a few of the SuperMavian custom skins
a few of the SuperMavian custom skins

This initial release is only available on mobile devices, and players can only trade using Ruby tokens. However, in the near future, there will also be a web-based version that allows trading with MAVIA tokens.

What is Heroes of Mavia?

Heroes of Mavia is a free to play, mobile, base building, RTS game. Players construct and improve bases, and fight with other players to earn RUBY, the main game currency. The game features upgradeable NFTs in the form of Bases, Heroes, and Statues. Bases are the core game component, and each player needs one in order to play. Heroes and Statues are optional, but both provide substantial benefits to your team. Heroes assist your army with attack and defense, while Statues boost base production. Additionally, players can upgrade their NFTs by spending RUBY tokens.

The game also includes Gold and Oil resources. These are in-game only and used for certain base upgrades. Oil and Gold are produced by bases and can also be stolen from other players in raids. And though the primary focus is on PvP, Heroes of Mavia also offers a lengthy series of PvE missions to help players practice battles and accumulate extra resources.

Heroes of Mavia included rental mechanics into their game from the very beginning. Base owners can choose to rent out their bases to other players for passive income. This can be a fixed price rental system, or a ‘partnership’. Partnerships function as a built-in scholarship system. The base owner lets the partner run and upgrade their base in exchange for a percentage of the RUBY income.

Hereos of Mavia released in February of 2024 and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

To learn more about Heroes of Mavia, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Heroes of Mavia screenshot

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