The world of online gaming has been quickly changing as the influence of blockchain continues to penetrate the industry. One such game is The Chosen Ones.

Ever since it became possible to earn rewards that could be converted to real-world money, the gaming industry has been on track to grow its valuation massively as more play-to-earned games get launched.

However, while traditional games offer a much richer variety of titles, captivating storylines and breathtaking graphics, the most popular play-to-earn games haven’t managed to do this. However, this is soon about to change with the much-anticipated launch of several games such as the Chosen Ones project developed on Unity.

The Chosen Ones is a next-generation auto battler game that gives users the ability to play to earn. Developed by Good Gamer and published by Fork Gaming, this play-to-earn game is definitely set to become a treat for gamers of all calibres. Good Gamer has had a long history in the eSports space, and its mission with this new venture is to bring traditional eSports players into the world of crypto gaming.

But before the official launch of the game, which is expected sometime in the coming quarter, Chosen Ones will launch its NFT collection. The collection will consist of a series of 10,000 characters, each featuring millions of possible combinations. The characters will be used for battling or as avatars in the Metaverse.

The Chosen Ones game is set in the fictional Godland’s eight kingdoms, where the warriors selected by their gods battle it out for ultimate supremacy while earning rewards. The game is developed and built on the Binance Smart Chain, with each warrior being a unique erc721 NFT.

Players will collect heroes and customize them with numerous abilities to strengthen them to battle opponents across the kingdom in this tactical game of skill. In essence, a well-crafted team will be the key to victory, making the Chosen Ones a game of skill rather than luck.

Chosen Ones boasts of unmatched mind-blowing graphics never before experienced in the past, and going by the artwork revealed so far, the game intends to deliver on this promise. What makes these heroes stand out, in particular, is the fact that they have been handcrafted with the highest level of detail, with each possessing unique skill sets, traits and characteristics.

Players with the rarest of heroes will have the advantage of earning more in-game tokens and additional bonuses in battle rewards. On the 1st of April, the first set of the Chosen Ones legendary heroes – the rarest of the Godland’s realm warriors, will be minted with 10,000 other characters.

Earning on Chosen Ones

Apart from earning when a hero is purchased, rented, bred or won, users can earn in a couple of other ways. For instance, one can purchase the game’s governance token, while play-to-earn tokens can be earned by playing the game or by renting out a hero or item.

With governance tokens, users will be able to buy, rent, breed or modify a hero and can also be used to win multipliers, energy boosts, or staking.

The game developers believe that the key to sustaining the game’s play-to-earn model is a robust token economy. To achieve this, the team has developed a three token strategy with deflationary mechanisms.

For starters, the game will utilize a multi-pronged staking system that will be instrumental in driving demand for the game’s tokens. Since both investors and gamers can hold the tokens for rewards and the game will incorporate a marketplace that gives players the capability to breed and upgrade heroes, this will go a long way in stabilizing the game’s NFTs and in-game currency.

To sustain the ecosystem, 100% of the play to earn tokens will be burned when used to buy, rent or breed. On the other hand, 75% of staking reward tokens will be burned when used to buy heroes or items, with the remaining 25% being awarded to those who stake for more than 90 days.

Before the game’s launch, staking reward tokens will be earned by staking a hero, but after the launch, staking rewards will be earned by staking governance and play to earn tokens. Staking reward tokens will be needed to buy the most powerful heroes, energy and items.

The Chosen Ones Team

Ultimately, the success of Chosen Ones will be in large part determined by the team behind the project. Luckily, the team is led by seasoned gaming veterans with experience leading one of the most successful esports organizations in Latin America. Ceo Diego Foresi is also the CEO of Infinity esports, which quickly made a name for itself in tournaments of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

President and founder Ricardo Lara co-founded one of the most successful native advertising agencies in North America, Nativeads.com and now focuses on bringing NFTs and play to earn gaming in Latin America and South-East Asia.

Check out the Chosen Ones website at http://www.ChosenOnes.io

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By: Edwin Ngarari


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