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We spoke in a previous article about Crypto Watches, the NFT that is designed specifically for smartwatches. Indeed different collections, created in partnership with well-known brands and artists, will be available soon giving you the opportunity to customise your branded NFT watch interface.

It will also soon be possible to interact with your environment, connect with community members or share your collection with other Crypto Watches users.

In order to further complete this fusion between luxury and NFT wearables, it’s essential to have a secure and easy-to-use location to exchange these assets. This place is called Watch Skins, the dedicated marketplace where users can buy and sell Crypto Watches, as well as download the apps to make them function on your Apple, Android or Samsung smartwatch.

A valuable Watch App Marketplace

Creating a community link between the different users of Crypto Watches is one thing, but the Watch Skins marketplace brings complementary features that will create a new kind of business relationship.

The benefits of using blockchain and NFTs are numerous, both for users and brands:

  • Creating community
  • Creators can express their individuality
  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Prevention of counterfeiting
  • Ability to verify rarity

This list is obviously not exhaustive, but already gives an overview of the different advantages of using NFTs, to be able to deliver NFTs as branded products and also for the end user to easily check the rarity or authenticity of their digital items.

This makes it possible to create a relationship of trust, which has become indispensable today for any exchange of digital value. The Watch Skins marketplace is a semi-centralized intermediary, thus combining curation and decentralized signature of content.

A great choice of personalization

watch skins marketplace

The central element of Watch Skins is the extensive freedom that creators will have in customizing their watch. Although the basic collections have pre-determined elements, other elements open up a much wider field of possibilities!

For example, creators will be able to earn perpetual royalties from sales, have creations that change shape over time, hold the ability to transfer their artistic work, and have these creations curated according to several categories including:

  • Sports and athletes 
  • Music
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Celebrities and influencers
  • Video games
  • Digital art
  • Existing watch and fashion brands 

These categories aim to better showcase the different artistic directions, thus allowing brands to better target their audience and also highlight each artist’s specialities.

Thanks to these personalization aspects and the personal interactions developed between the different actors in this ecosystem, the value of Watch Skins lies in the versatile nature of the content offered.

Luxury brands will be able to release exclusive works adapted for high end  accessories but this will not prevent users from accessing more affordable content and participating in the community. 


The NFT market lends itself well to the relationship between digital and physical accessories, an alliance in which Watch Skins looks to offer an entire turnkey ecosystem for owners of connected watches.

The Watch Skins marketplace forges a link between buyers and creators. The cornerstone of their value proposition: use of licensed content on the blockchain to certify the origin and legitimacy of wearable artistic work, making it possible to verify with certainty that the asset purchased is authentic. 

Although the worlds of Non-fungible and “Phygital” are very young industries, Watch Skins and Crypto Watches are forerunners in the game with a promising future rich in new digital experiences both inside and outside the Metaverse!



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