Solana-based gaming NFT marketplace, Fractal, is the latest platform to fall victim to unscrupulous knuckle draggers. The latest project by Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan, saw users relieved of approximately $150k worth of $SOL tokens.

According to sources, the nefarious evildoers made use of a webhook to gain access to the official Discord announcements feed. Then posted a link to what was described as an NFT minting event, shortly after Fractal’s Twitter feed indicated a forthcoming airdrop. When users FOMO’d into the apparent opportunity, they saw their wallets drained of their $SOL based funds.

Fractal revealed details of the hack via their official Twitter account, and have since pledged to restore the waylaid funds from their own pockets. The scam, however, highlights an ongoing problem in the NFT space where fraudsters are quick to exploit any weaknesses in the communication chain, and projects rushing to get into the game are far from secure.

Unfortunately, this is not the first hack of its kind, nor will it be the last. Where there is money to be made, there will be lowlifes looking to exploit it. As with any scam, be it online, or in the physical world, the first step in security is due diligence. Check all avenues before making the final click. Because crypto transactions, by design, are irreversible.

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