We are entering the second half of 2022, and the light has started to shine on the Metaverse. So many new things are happening. Before we cover the launch of various metaverse projects and rumors, here are a couple of shorts for you:

  • Binance continues to sign up famous personalities. The Weeknd, Khaby Lame and Christiano Ronaldo joined the company.
  • Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and many other companies are founding a Metaverse open standards group.
  • Apple is focusing on creating a Metaverse Universe of its own instead of joining the one that already exists.
  • Kevin Hart has also decided to offer a WEB3 experience for the fans.

Now, with these headlines, let’s take a look at some exciting upcoming Metaverse projects.

HTC Launches a Metaverse Phone

HTC was once a premium-grade company in the phone manufacturing industry. For a while, it disappeared and was overtaken by many others. Now, it has announced a comeback, with a Metaverse inspired phone.

●      HTC is launching a new smartphone, HTC Desire 22 Pro.

●      The HTC Desire 22 Pro will be the first Metaverse Smartphone.

●      It will come with a Viverse Ecosystem, the native metaverse of HTC.

●      The phone will also come with pre-installed crypto and NFT apps.

●      HTC Desire 22 Pro will also support Vive Flow VR Headsets for VR experiences.

Viverse is an initiative from HTC to offer access to the Metaverse for everyone. It eliminates the need for people to own headsets. Users can access the Metaverse through HTC’s browser, which is impressive, to say the least.

Solana Labs With Web3 SmartPhone

HTC isn’t the only company to incorporate Metaverse technology into Smartphones. Solana Labs has also announced the upcoming launch of ‘SAGA,’ their unique Web3 smartphone. According to their video announcement, the SOLANA LAB’s SAGA will support NFTs, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, with the goal of offering a truly immersive experience.

Furthermore, it will be packed with the latest blockchain technology and include features such as a Web3 Dapp store, Solana Pay integration for QR-based payments, and a mobile wallet adaptor complete with a “seed vault” for added security. 

For the development of SAGA, Solana Labs partnered with Osam, a tech company known for creating hardware and software ecosystems focused on privacy. 

According to the team behind the project, the device will cost around $1,000 and will be available for purchase in early 20223.

Blockchain Comics 

Satoshi Master of Disguise

Comics are coming to the Metaverse!

Blockchain Comics is an exciting new platform for comic book and NFT enthusiasts. The company recently announced the launch of its first comic series Satoshi Master of Disguise.

In a first for the NFT space, the series will begin with the launch of 10,000 avatars featuring no other than Satoshi himself.  What makes the project unique is that each avatar will spawn a one-of-kind comic book series, placing the publishing and distribution rights in the hands of NFT holders.

That’s right! Imagine owning and distributing your very own unique comics series.

Here’s what Blockchain Comics has to offer:

  • State-of-the-art multilayer minting technology.
  • Your very own comic series
  • Advanced rarity algorithm
  • Decentralized Publishing capabilities
  • The ability to monetize and distribute your comics as physical and digital editions

Other Notable Announcements

Here are some other noticeable announcements regarding Metaverse Projects:

●      MG Motors is working on creating MGVerse

●      21K School in India has announced the launch of the Metaverse Education Platform.

●      Tencent Holdings, the giant game company, is launching XR Unit for Metaverse.

●      Tencent is working on headset technology for extended reality.

●      Jack Dorsey announced Web 5 as the next Social App evolution in Metaverse.

●      SoulBountTokens could become a thing for the Metaverse.

The Bottom Line

The projects above show how rapidly the Metaverse is growing. 

While some businesses are already making their mark within the Metaverse, there are many others who are preparing for it. For example, Yahoo is following in Meta’s footsteps and is expected to announce its entry into the Metaverse soon.

One thing is sure – despite the current market conditions, the Metaverse and Blockchain technology are here to stay. 

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By: Michael


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