Online Games generated just shy of 24 billion this year, and are projected to reach over 33 billion by 2026.  Blockchain Gaming is in a period of rapid growth and NFT sales for in-game assets hit 2 billion in 2021. This article reviews two free-to-learn platforms that can help you learn to build your own game.

CryptoZombies – Build Blockchain Smart Contracts

If you want to build your own game on the blockchain you’ll need is to know how to create blockchain code, known as a smart contract.  CryptoZombies.io is a free-to-learn platform that teaches pretty much anyone how to achieve this. When completing tutorials users don’t require experience as they’re tailored to all levels. By working your way through the tutorials, you build a Zombie-based game. 

Crypto Zombies Image

When you register there are two languages to learn.  These languages are Solidity and Libra, but you’ll want to choose Solidity.  Programmers can use Solidity to code on numerous blockchain networks that include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, and Avalanche.

One of the great things about this platform is the interactive environment.  You don’t need to set up a development environment on your local machine.  While helpful you don’t even need to know what one is.  Within the site, there’s a built-in code editor that will guide you through your journey and give you hints on where you may have gone wrong. 

Cryptozombies learning and development environment

There are six lessons each with multiple modules to work your way through.  Once you progress and feel confident in your Solidity skills it also offers an introduction to advanced concepts.  There are twelve further modules on oracles, specifically Chainlink.    For a completely free product, CryptoZombies offers an excellent introduction to the world of Blockchain Coding.

Buildspace – NFT creation

The next thing you’ll want to know how to do is to create NFT’s for use in your game.  A great place to learn this for free is Buildspace.so.  After you register for Buildspace you have several different tutorial options. You need to select “Create your own mini turn-based NFT browser game”. 

Armed with the knowledge you gained from Cryptozombies it’s an easy transition to understand how an NFT smart contract works.  The tutorial will also guide you on how to build a web 3.0 interface that allows users to interact with your game.

Buildspace also offers tutorials to learn to code on Solana, Avalanche, and even offers a project for you to build your own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Buildspace is a little more complex than Cryptozombies.  That’s because Buildspace goes beyond a simple learning environment.  Buildspace offers a community of experts that you can talk with while working through the lessons.  Buildspace encourages users to complete their lessons within seven days. If successful Buildpsace award you with an NFT to prove your competency.  Buildspace also offers a way for you to market yourself to potential employers.  They also actively search and reach out to companies looking to hire blockchain devs.

There are many ways for you to learn how to build your own blockchain game.  Considering these are both free resources they’re a great way to get started.

What is Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is an evolved form of online gaming in Web 3.0.  The first well known blockchain game, Crypto Kitties, originated in 2017.  Blockchain games generally involve utilizing a blockchain ledger and NFTs.  Players own NFTs and parts if not the entire gaming ecosystem. This has been known to include running nodes and server infrastructure to support gameplay.

Blockchain Gaming is in a period of rapid growth and grew 35% in 2020. Online Gaming generated just shy of 24 billion in 2021. This is projected to increase and reach over 33 billion by 2026.  Several AAA publishers are currently pursuing blockchain gaming or already implementing NFT purchases into their games.


By: Luke Delancey


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