After selling out the passes in just under ten minutes, Legends of Venari is going live on the 23rd of December 2021.  This is your chance to join a faction and explore the lands of Carraes in the brand-new alpha season.  To experience the alpha, however, you should have in your possession an Alpha Pass

Alpha Pass Details

To be eligible to play the alpha you’ll require a pass.  While the pass sale did sell out you can still obtain passes on OpenSea.  You can find the Alpha Pass here or the Gilded Pass here.

If you already have one or are lucky enough to acquire an NFT pass you can then activate your account and play the game. Each pass comes set with a particular faction, Green (Vestal), Red (Talaw), and Blue (Azule). There are 3750 passes in total, 1250 for each faction. Within those passes, 600 are Gilded Passes, the special deluxe pass which grants additional benefits.

There are a number of different benefits for the passes and you should read the whitepaper to find out the specifics.

Guild Interest

Legends of Venari has already formed alliances and partnerships with notable guild interest.  This includes guilds like LootSquad, Yield Guild Games, ReadPlayerDAO and more.  For a game to have so much interest prior to release is a positive sign.

Genesis NFT Tag

Players lucky enough to participate in the alpha will be able to collect Venari with the genesis NFT tag.  This tag will only be possible to obtain during the Alpha Season.

With a solid roadmap and impressive development to date, this project is sure to go places. To learn more visit the Legends of Venari website, join the Discord server and follow the project’s Twitter account.

What is Legends of Vanari

Legends of Venari is an NFT based creature collection RPG on the Ethereum network. Players can travel through the planet of Caerras to “catch” Venari creature NFTs.  The game utilizes an organic growth approach using Alpha and Base passes to generate more passes for new players to be onboarded.

The aim of the game is to lure Venari with bait then catch and collect them. In game, players will use bait to attract the Venari, catch them using “rigs” and in doing so obtain gold and experience.  Gold and experience will result in better rigs and better bait.

An international team based out of Delaware is developing Legends of Venari.  Built by a team of gamers, developers, artists, designers, and creators all extremely passionate about building a game that gamers want to play. 


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