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▶️ PlayDapp Launches ‘PlayDapp Land’, a social community-based lifestyle metaverse that can be enjoyed by everyone.

▶️PlayDapp Land users can participate in a connected NFT event by purchasing an Open Pass and redeeming a code on PlayDapp’s blockchain marketplace.

▶️PlayDapp Land is a live experience where metaverse users can complete it together

[2021–12–29]: PlayDapp (CEO Brian Choi), a blockchain service platform, announced on the 29th that it has launched and commercialized its new metaverse platform ‘PlayDapp Land’ on Roblox. This is the official service version of the alpha version ‘PlayDapp Town’, which was earlier released on Roblox in June.

‘PlayDapp Land’ is a social community-based lifestyle metaverse that can be enjoyed by anyone, based in the Metaverse. In the created world, you can experience jobs such as farmers, miners, lighthouse keepers, and police as well as shop for items like sneakers and other fantastic items.

In particular, you can meet cute avatars that embody PlayDapp’s NFT (NFT) characters. Engage in educational content aimed at boosting the learning ability of teenagers, the main age group of Roblox. Not only that but easy to start and play mini-games can be enjoyed like hide and seek to provide different fun.

In addition, NFTs, which are already being traded between game users through blockchain service platform PlayDapp’s marketplace, will be incorporated into PlayDapp Land’s Open Pass. A special commemorative open event will be held. Purchasers of Open Pass will be provided with a high-value PlayDapp NFT.

Through this, PlayDapp can not only provide a P2E (Play to Earn) experience that allows users to convert their time and effort into the digital asset NFT, but also a system is being developed so that NFTs can be used as pets and items in PlayDapp Land’s metaverse space.

“PlayDapp Land will be a new platform that combines Metaverse and NFT,” said Sang Chung, PlayDapp head of business. “”We will naturally meld items created by users into PlayDapp Land by taking advantage of Roblox’s strengths and become a representative metaverse platform created by users and developers.”

Players can jump into PlayDapp Land right now, and start hanging out with Mikey and pals as well as play games and hang out!


By: PlayDapp Team


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