The second NFT mint for Seedworld opens tomorrow (August 29th), with a PFP collection known as the Vanguards going up for sale. This collection has been described as the most important NFT set for Seedworld, so even if you don’t have a whitelist spot, you may want to consider trying for the public sale or picking one up from the aftermarket!

Seedworld brings as a new NFT collection known as the Vanguards. The Vanguards collection includes 8,888, PFP style NTFs. Vanguards will be generative NFTs, each one a unique character.

Vanguards are considered the most important NFT in the Seedworld ecosystem. Not only will they be part of the staking system, but they will also function as playable characters. In addition, there may be certain areas or quests that will only be available to Vanguard holders. You can probably expect other bonuses as well such as early game access and whitelist inclusion for future mints.

Vanguards Mint

The mint begins on August 29th on Magic Eden and includes three phases. The first phase begins at 15:00 UTC and is for those on the guaranteed whitelist. After that comes another whitelist phase at 17:00 UTC which is not guaranteed. And finally, a public sale is slotted for 19:00 UTC, but I would be surprised if the mint doesn’t sell out before then.

Mint price for the Vanguards will be 0.04 ETH, which is a very reasonable price when compared to many other mints. Magic Eden will host the Vanguards mint.

NFT Staking System

This is the second mint for Seedworld. Their first mint, for Mount NFTs, sold out earlier this year.

Both the Vanguards and Mounts collections will see a use case in the upcoming staking system. NFT owners can earn Chest points through staking, with more points eanred for rarer NFTs. Chest points lead to daily Mystery Chests, which can be combined into higher rarity chests, or opened for the loot. Chests can hold game currency, tickets used to access mini-games, and a number of different NFT items.

NFT rewards include blueprints, wearables, resource harvesters, cosmetics, pets, keys, land, and more!

What is Seedworld?

Seedworld is a virtual universe that allows players to create their own games and experiences. Users will have their own worlds where they can use tools to design and build their own games and experiences.

Seedify, the company behind Seedworld, aims to provide the foundation and tools needed for players, with a focus on user-generated content, terraforming tools, and assets provided by Seedify Meta Studios. In addition, they support game designers by offering a talent marketplace and an academy for educational content. Seedworld will have layers of decentralized governance, where each land is governed by its participants.

To learn more about Seedworld, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

Seedworld concept art

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By: Phil Hall


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