MoonPay, a firm that specializes in web3 infrastructure, has officially announced the establishment of its investment division, MoonPay Ventures. The new entity seeks to invest in early-stage startups within the sectors of web3 technology and gaming. This move underscores MoonPay’s objective of becoming a key player in the broader technology landscape, beyond its core business operations in web3.

A Diverse Range and a Direct Approach

The division has earmarked investment amounts ranging between $100,000 and $1 million. The focus will primarily be on seed and Series A funding rounds. What sets MoonPay Ventures apart from traditional venture funds is its direct investment approach. Instead of channeling investments through a separate entity, funds will be deployed directly from MoonPay’s balance sheet. This strategy aims to achieve a commercial return on investment, rather than solely focusing on speculative gains.

MoonPay Ventures has already made substantial strides by investing in over 25 companies, such as BCB Group, Ledger, and Mythical Games. Each of these companies presents a unique value proposition within their respective sectors—BCB Group operates within the blockchain and fintech space, Ledger specializes in hardware wallets for digital assets, and Mythical Games is a player in the digital gaming industry.

Implications for the Web3 Ecosystem and Beyond

The launch of MoonPay Ventures is likely to have ripple effects on the web3 ecosystem as well as the gaming and fintech sectors. By injecting capital into early-stage companies, MoonPay Ventures aims to accelerate the pace of innovation and drive sustainable growth. Since the division invests directly from the company’s balance sheet, it can offer more flexibility in terms of investment timelines and exit strategies.

Furthermore, MoonPay’s focus on achieving commercial returns may encourage a more disciplined approach to business growth among its portfolio companies. This direct investment model, combined with a strong focus on sectors poised for growth, places MoonPay Ventures in a unique position to foster the development of robust solutions and technologies.


In summary, MoonPay Ventures represents a strategic expansion of MoonPay’s commitment to advancing the web3 ecosystem and the adjacent domains of gaming and fintech. Its tailored investment approach, backed by the financial strength of MoonPay’s own balance sheet, provides a valuable mechanism for supporting early-stage companies. As MoonPay Ventures continues to extend its reach, it is expected to become a significant catalyst for innovation and development in the fields it has opted to invest in.

MoonPay’s venture into the investment domain signifies not just an extension of its business model but also a notable development in the maturing landscape of web3 technology. It sets a precedent for other infrastructure firms in the web3 space to consider alternative avenues for fostering innovation and achieving commercial viability.


By: Seamus O Connor


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