As we end the year, NFT Culture will hand out a few awards.  Let’s start with an exciting category for the future potential of NFT’s. Gaming. When I think of Games that really delivered and have a strong roadmap into the future, there isnt a better example than Crypto Raiders.

Crypto Raiders is possibly the best example we can think of in terms of how to launch a bootstrap NFT project.

Raid Dungeons ☠️ Earn Gear 🛡️ Level Up 💪
An NFT-based dungeon crawler on Polygon.

Let’s take a look at the project from it’s inception: Some of these may be out of order as I am going from memory.



  • Affordable Launch on OpenSea (perfect at the time, likely not possible to do today)
  • Nostalgia art referencing the 16-bit era of RPGs
  • Build very strong community on discord
  • Realize that Layer 1 ETH would be difficult to innovate on, make the open and conscious decision to port to Polygon
  • Provide weekly updates on progress for initial game rollout
  • Launch Character Customization and Renaming
  • Update all character art for more consistent look and feel
  • Launch Gen 0 Dungeon with equitable items on chain
  • Launch first enemy combat dungeon with leveling
  • Continue providing weekly updates
  • Announce and Release additional Dungeons
  • Create a community music Competition for in game music
  • Create a mechanism allowing more players to join the game through recruitment events (next generation characters with slightly less  bonuses)
  • Introduce Governance Token ($RAIDER) and In Game Currency ($AURUM)
  • Airdrop Supporters a massive portion of governance tokens
  • Add staking capabilities for $RAIDER and $AURUM
  • Add Seasonal Dungeons (Halloween and Christmas)
  • Announce and Release MOBS NFTs as Airdrops for Token holders and Staked Rewards (in game enemies, allowing players potential gamification on both sides)
  • Announce plans to port to Unity
  • Announce Fishing Game as a way to earn in game rewards without risk of permadeath
  • Announce guilds (likely for Play to Earn aspects similar to axie infinity)
  • Introduce the ability to compete in Duels against other CR characters
  • Introduce Tournaments for players to compete for prizes
  • Announce another Airdrop for CR stakers with Mounts that will provide both in game and staking potential in the future
  • Announce innovation and Crypto Raiders World.
  • Introduce ways to spend $AURUM in game.  First, Dungeon Resets, followed by:
  • Dungeon Keys that give your raiders access to run extra dungeons! One dungeon key will allow one raider to run one extra dungeon. Keys do not expire.
  • Scrolls of Knowledge allows for a stat reset, giving your raiders a fresh slate if you need to respec. One scroll will allow one raider to respec. Scrolls do not expire.
  • and so much more….

The year isnt even over yet. The fact that this team has been able to deliver on all of this in under a year is incredibly impressive.  They are truly the gold standard as it comes to innovation.  This can be seen in the current price of their tokens.  As of this writing $AURUM is near its all time high at $.033 per token and $RAIDER currently sits at an all time high of $3.305.  Long term stakers and holders of these tokens are seeing life changing value by betting on an idea that started nearly a year ago. If they continue this level of innovation, 2022 will truly be an amazing year for the CR Team, Holders, and Supporters.  LFG.




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