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Presentation of ART.ART

Advent of NFTs is undeniable.  We set to explore the importance of building a strong online presence and how .ART Domains harness the trend by offering creatives a whole spectrum of tools to make spaces for themselves in both digital and crypto universes. 

The .ART team, headquartered in London, strives to be on the edge of innovation ever since the launch of .ART in 2017 as the largest domain for the artistic community.

Since then, it has gathered a global community of 150K+ individuals and organizations, launched several new digital products, supported its own Investor Allstars – Digital Innovation in Art Award and partnered with global events from both tech and art worlds, including Ars Electronica festival and Seven on Seven Conference.

Some recent changes in the NFT space

Yes – we all know about the NFT-craze that took the world by storm early in 2021, with voices both applauding and critical of all the new modernities the pandemic had unleashed upon us. 

But whether one likes it or not, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that blockchain and all the possibilities it offers are irrefutably and irreversibly changing the digital landscape. 

Exhibit number one: giant game developer Zynga announced a few weeks ago that it would be integrating NFTs and other blockchain technology into its gaming ecosystems. The company’s newly hired VP of Blockchain Gaming, Matt Wolf, Explained in a statement that “Zynga’s mission to connect the world through games makes NFTs and blockchain technology a natural next step in its evolution.” 

Wolff further added that “web3 token-based systems will allow us to innovate and deliver new forms of player value in our games, while also transforming how players interact with each other.” 

Great minds think alike because that brings us to exhibit 2 and the news on every techie’s lips the past weeks: the advent of Meta. Formerly Facebook, Zuckerberg has redirected his company goal to build his own metaverse. The plan involves everything from hardware to software, headset to AR-glasses.

Zuckerberg points out that “One of the big questions that people are going to have about virtual goods in the metaverse is, ‘Do I really get to own this thing?” and for this, NFTs will naturally be an essential element in our digital environments.

The .ART platform: the place to find creative names for art websites and crypto wallets

stepan ryabchenko tranquil
Stepan Ryabchenko, Tranquil

So that’s where .ART steps in as one of the key players contributing towards making sure our online future is filled with fostering creativity and beauty. .ART offers all sorts of artists, creators and professionals the tools to make spaces for themselves in the digital world. 

The association with art brings home the nature and intention of whatever creative project one may want to launch before someone even loads the page – and the users know it. The most recent example occurred when one of the largest NFT marketplaces, the Tezos-based Hic et Nunc, was ‘discontinued’ as the Twitter handle read.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the community was able to ‘fork’ (replicate on the blockchain) the original platform on a new address — hicetnunc.art. When introduced, the public statement read :

“We joined a Twitter Space, and asked people what name they would like for the new instance. It would be 100% the same as the previous code. The name hicetnunc.art was picked by the community. We want to keep the grassroots spirit of HEN alive. We’re making sure that all your NFTs, all your profiles load and quickly. Already, Hicetnunc.art is up to 5x faster than .xyz was.”

In addition, .ART is one of the few domains that is actively working towards blockchain integration. Its ip.art certification tool, the .ART Digital Twin, has been facilitating a place for blockchain addresses long before any digital artist out there even knew about NFTs.

Thanks to Ethereum integration, .ART domains can also be used as crypto addresses, making it an all-in-one platform. The domain also allows artists to mint their works directly to OpenSea. 

To enable artists growth, .ART released a free website builder that allows artists to create a quick portfolio, linking to all the major NFT marketplaces. There are many other exciting new developments that .ART has in the pipelines. Until then, here are some of the most inspiring adopters among their community in the realm of NFTs:

Creatives who already joined the .ART initiative

xcopy summer
Summer by xcopy.art



This sought-after London-based artist is a legend in the crypto-art world and has been present since day one. Through flashing visuals often showing distorted faces and creatures, bright colours paired with darker ones and styles that combine both pixels and brushstrokes, XCOPY explores topics of “death, dystopia and apathy.”



Studio and Curatorial Advisory for Digital Art and NFTs

A flexible and very promising space, Electric Artefacts describes itself as “your point of reference in a rapidly and continuously evolving field of art and crypto.” Offering guidance, assistance and a digital space for artists, collectors, brands and enthusiasts alike, the studio has been making steady contributions to the NFT-community through editorials, exhibitions and a range of other projects.


misa art
Image by misa.art


Primary and Secondary Art Market

misa.art website reads that they offer a carefully curated selection of art from the primary and secondary market. It is an online marketplace that brings emerging and established artists together and offers a range of traditional and digital art. Ultra Contemporary artists are presented alongside the classics of art history from the past 70 years. 



Tool and Platform

Fractional saw the soaring prices on the NFT markets and decided that it wasn’t fair people would not be able to afford ownership over their favourite pieces. The platform enables buyers to contribute towards meeting the reserve price of any piece they are eyeing over, so that an NFT can be purchased at fractions which in turn are transferable. 


alterhen art
Image by aTERHEN


NFT market

According to the website, aTERHEN NFT art market offers new models for the cultural economy, being accessible to all and providing high-quality, affordable artworks. With digital limited editions, artists, cultural actors and institutions can find new revenue streams and space for community engagement.


To learn more and explore domain options, visit art.art.



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