Another NFT mint is upon us. This one is from Paradise Tycoon and gives users a chance to mint a Gold Pass NFT, which will act as a premium battle pass for the game and provide other benefits, potentially including future token or NFT airdrops!

Free mint? That’s right! The mint for the Paradise Tycoon Gold Pass will be completely free. In fact, since the mint is taking place on the Immutable zkEVM network, there won’t even be a gas fee!

If you don’t already have the Immutable zkEVM network setup in you wallet, you can read the official instructions for setting that up here.

However, you will need to be on the whitelist for this Gold Pass mint. And unfortunately, opportunities to grab a whitelist spot have already come and gone. You can check your whitelist status at

The guaranteed whitelist round starts at 1pm UTC on May 3rd, with the Waitlist round starting at 4pm UTC that same day. Only 1500 passes are up for grabs, and the waitlist round operates on a first come first served basis. So I expect all of these passes to be all minted pretty soon after 4pm!

What is the Paradise Pass Gold NFT?

The Paradise Pass Gold FT is Paradise Tycoon’s equivalent of a premium battle pass. Players can earn MOANI tokens and other rewards by completing daily and weekly tasks, and by just holding onto the NFT.

example of a pass quest
example of a pass quest

Pass holders will also have exclusive access to the multiplayer portion of the game during beta. Invite friends to your island and impress them with your decoration skills!

Additionally, Paradise Tycoon plans to start their play to airdrop campaign for MOANI tokens soon, and owning a Paradise Pass will offer more opportunities for rewards!

Supposedly players will be able to trade these Passes on Sphere ( A direct link will be released after the mint.

What is Paradise Tycoon?

Currently in open beta, Paradise Tycoon is a farming / building game along the lines of Stardew Valley. In this case, the player has won a lottery granting them a tropical island of their own. Only catch? It’s covered with weeds and a bit worn down. The player is tasked with cleaning up their island, fixing up the buildings, crafting items, completing quests, and decorating to their heart’s content!

Players will be able to trade in-game resources, as well as NFTs for crafted items and blueprints. Paradise Tycoon is currently in beta and free to play. Though there are already NFTs available on secondary markets, Paradise Tycoon is moving from Avalanche to Immutable, so you may want to check up on NFT migrations before you make any purchases.

Paradise Tycoon is available to play as an Android app or through a browser.

To learn more about Paradise Tycoon, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

early Island development in Paradise Tycoon
early Island development in Paradise Tycoon

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By: Phil Hall

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