A couple of months ago, Phantom Galaxies passed out free NFTs to everyone who signed up on their website. Those Halberd NFTs that have been sitting around in a lot of wallets since then now have a use! Anyone who owns a ‘The Halberd-001 NFT can download and play the Closed Alpha for Phantom Galaxies!

Getting into an early alpha or beta for a game is often a big deal. So much so, that sometimes, the companies even sell early access passes! For Phantom Galaxies, acquiring the NFT access pass for their Closed Alpha simply involved signing up for an account on their website. Everyone who did so received the Halberd-001 NFT in their wallet.

Now, anyone with that NFT can download and play the Closed Alpha of the game. Players can try their hand at the game and get a feel for combat, movement, and missions. The gameplay is already high-quality. Players walk around 3D space stations and engage in training, combat, and mining missions in space using their chosen Mech.


In addition, anyone who completes the content in the Closed Alpha receives a special completion badge NFT.

Phantom Galaxies screenshot
ready for action!

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a third-person, open world, space sim, mech shooter, RPG. Players take the role of Space Rangers who pilot Mechanized Starfighters. These vehicles function as typical fighter-style spaceships, and they also transform into Mech robots.

During the game, players engage in Missions, the long-form story content of the game, and Quests, one-off scenarios. Also available are Operations (daily quests) and Raids, team-based objectives. The farther away from the core, the more dangerous the missions, and the better the loot. Far enough out, and one enters the ‘Rebel Sectors’. Here players compete with each other to gain control of various bases and resource points. Once captured, players stake governance tokens to their holdings and earn a steady stream of rewards — as long as they maintain control.

Starfighters unlock as players progress through the story. Featuring a resource harvesting and crafting system, Phantom Galaxies allows players to upgrade Starfighters and even build them from scratch! Starfighters suffer durability damage and require repair ever once in a while. Losing a ship while in a Rebel Sector could be permanent! Phantom Galaxies also includes Avatar NFTs that level up, Arena PvP, property ownership (from space stations to planetary bases to entire planets!), and support for guilds.

The initial launch for Phantom Galaxies is on the Polygon blokchain. Long-term plans include multichain support, where each chain has its own home galaxy but players can still interact. Closed Alpha is available now, with early access beta expected to launch in Q3 2022.

Phantom Galaxies end of missions alpha screenshot
End of Closed Alpha missions


By: Phil Hall


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