The Web3 gaming world is stoked about Pixels, a hit social-casual MMO on the Ronin Network, gearing up for the release of its highly anticipated gaming token, “$PIXEL” — now available to be won through the game’s innovative “Play-to-Airdrop (P2A) 2.0” campaign.  

Boasting over 100k daily active wallets, Pixels is a significant force in the Web3 gaming arena. Now, it’s set to redefine the in-game economy with its premium currency, offering functionalities ranging from guild memberships to pet minting.

Notably, $PIXEL stands out from its existing “$BERRY” currency, known for its inflationary model. By contrast, it’s a rare and valuable asset designed to enhance the gaming experience while remaining accessible to free-to-play users.

In a strategic move, Pixels is offering its community a final chance to earn $PIXEL through its innovative P2A 2.0 campaign. For the next two weeks, players have the opportunity to compete for badges, thereby increasing their Airdrop Points, with progress trackable on the Pixels website.

The P2A 2.0 campaign marks a departure from conventional methods, introducing various ways to earn Airdrop Points, like owning NFTs like Pixels Farm Land, completing quests, earning badges, climbing leaderboards, and referring new friends.

The “Pixels Reputation System” further enhances this, offering a 10% boost in points for every 1000 reputation points.

The top 7,000 players on the P2A 2.0 Leaderboard will be eligible for the $PIXEL airdrop, with an additional 1,000 players chosen randomly for allocation.

As Pixels steps into this new phase with the launch of $PIXEL, the community’s anticipation is at an all-time high. Both long-time enthusiasts and new entrants are eagerly awaiting the new opportunities that $PIXEL will introduce to the gaming landscape. Bring it on!

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