Tearing Spaces prepares to launch phase 2 of their beta with new game modes, expanded leaderboards, and the ability to forge weapons into higher rarities! With a play and earn system already in place for this open beta, you can earn tokens by playing, even if you don’t manage to win a spot on the leaderboards!

Beginning on August 28th, 2023, the second beta season for Tearing Spaces promises lots of new excitement — and bigger rewards! Beta season 2 will run until September 18th and is open to everyone.

The Tearing Spaces beta features several play and earn opportunities with plenty of TSC token rewards, but also a number of NFT weapons, skins, and decorations up for grabs as well!

What’s New in Beta 2?

For this beta, Tearing Spaces has enabled three different game modes. The first is Dojo mode. In Dojo, players fight either solo or with a team of other players against an AI team. Dojo mode will be open during the entire beta season.

Ranked mode is basically what we had in season one. Three daily sessions (2-5am, 12-3pm, 6-9pm — all UTC) with teams of real players. There are some changes though. In Ranked mode, weapon rarity will not affect the item’s stats. In addition, players can earn a Battle Crate every day by winning six Ranked battles. Battle Crates can contain NFT decorations or lottery tickets. Lottery tickets will be used in an end of the season raffle.

Ranked mode will have its own leaderboard, with prizes going to the top 1000 players. And unlike season one, rank points in season two will be account based, not hero based.

And then finally, there is Championship mode. This mode is only available on Thursdays and each player may only participate once per week. Championship mode is open to everyone. You just need to claim your free ticket to enter. The top two players who can accumulate the most points in Championship mode win TSC tokens. First place will also receive a USDT prize, and a special badge.

Players still earn Hustle Hash when winning matches in all three game modes. So you’re free to play in whichever mode you like and still be eligible for daily TSC earnings And though you can earn TSC tokens and work your way up the leaderboards by participating as a free to play player, the amount of potential daily earnings increases significantly when using an NFT weapon (based on the weapon’s rarity). You can pick up weapons from Open Sea, or take a roll at minting your own for 40 MATIC.

You can also join a Guild and share in rewards that are sent out to the top 10 Guilds at the end of the season.

TSC Tokens

And why would you want TSC tokens? For one, they can be used to purchase NFT decorations from the game shop. Additionally, owners of Divine Stewards needs TSC tokens to level up their Stewards. A staking system is expected to launch sometime during beta season 2, allowing Steward holders to passively earn TSC tokens. In addition, players will need TSC tokens for weapon forging, a new system that arrives at the launch of season 2. Forging allows players to combine multiple weapons into higher rarity versions.

There will be other upgrade systems as well in future updates for weapons, skills, and heroes.

Tearing spaces screenshot
play daily to earn TSC rewards

What is Tearing Spaces?

Tearing spaces is a three versus three MOBA game. With a top-down view and action-packed gameplay, Tearing Spaces is a combination PvE and PvP game. Each team must battle through rooms of enemies to open the door to the final boss. First team to defeat their Boss foe wins. Players can also choose to use special teleporters on the map to transport to the other team’s area and try to slow them down!

Characters equip weapons and talents before a match, allowing players to customize to their playstyle. Players can acquire Talent Fragments as they play, later using them to power up their talent abilities.

Tearing Spaces will be free to play with play and earn opportunities. Each Hero comes with a their own selection of abilities and skills. The game provides six free weapons to equip. However, free weapons don’t earn TSC tokens. Players can earn game tokens by equipping NFT weapons and killing enemies, and also by winning tournaments. Players can increase token earnings by leveling up their characters in-game.

To encourage trying different playstyles and to keep inflation in check, characters and weapons have limited uses per day. Weapons also break down over time, requiring repair. Tearing Spaces will include daily quests, a battle pass system, leaderboards, and all that sort of good stuff. Players also have their own homes, which can be decorated with a number of items found by playing. Many decorations are NFTs and can be traded with other players.

To learn more about Tearing Spaces, you can visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Tearing Spaces screenshot

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