Pre-registrations are open for WAGMI Defense, an upcoming mobile game that features web3 features such as NFTs and a play and earn economy. Expected to launch on both Android and iOS, WAGMI Defense combines deck-building with auto-battling for an active, strategic experience.

Built by WAGMI games, WAGMI Defense is the first game in their planned franchise. They have partnered with Immutable X to include in-app purchases, payable with either fiat or cryptocurrency. And with this, WAGMI Defense hits on two key points we’re seeing more of in web3 development. Those are mobile accessibility, and onboarding web2 players to web3 games in an easy and seamless manner.

Interested players can pre-register on the official website.

WAGMI Defense
WAGMI Defense

WAGMI Defense Gameplay

Part auto-battler, part tower defense, part deck builder, Wagmi Defense sees two players facing off on a battlefield. Each one racing to destroy their opponent’s main tower first. Each player constructs a deck before the game, and uses cards from their deck to play as units in the battle area.

Players earn experience points as they play, and can use these to upgrade their cards. Leveled up cards can be sold and traded to other users. Players can also earn rewards via a battle pass type system, and ranking on the leaderboards during seasons, each of which will last 1-2 months. Rewards can include NiFe or Adallium tokens, as well as upgrade cards and other items.

WAGMI Defense will include both PvP and PvE gameplay.

WAGMI Defense gameplay
WAGMI Defense gameplay

What is WAGMI Games?

WAGMI Games is a web3 focused game studio. They plan on building a suite of games, focusing on ease of access for players who are not familiar with blockchain technology. The first game they will release is called WAGMI Defense.

Bu WAGMI does already boast a collection of Genesis NFTs. A collection of hand-drawn characters from twelve original characters in the WAGMI Defense story arc, Genesis NFTs are limited to 3022 total and provide a number of benefits. These include discounts on future sales, free monthly credits to be used for minting game assets, exclusive tournaments, allowlist spots for Comic drops, and more!

WAGMI also launched an NFT comic collection know as NifE Wars. These comics can be read directly from the NFTs. Owners can also lock up their digital comic books to receive War Chests as staking rewards.

The second planned game in the WAGMI universe is a MOBA style game. We don’t yet have any more information on that front yet. Though WAGMI does promise the NFTs from WAGMI Defense will also work in their MOBA game. And cross-game functionality is always cool!

To learn more about WAGMI games and WAGMI defense, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

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By: Phil Hall


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