It seems like Sandbox has another land sale every month. This time around, Sandbox partners with a number of Hong Kong-based businesses for a Mega Sale in an area they call Mega City! The number of plots available are somewhat limited. And with the available, open land in the Sandbox metaverse shrinking rapidly, expect this round to sell out quickly.

Mega City land prices

The Mega City sale opens on January 13th at 1pm UTC with 61 normal lands, 95 premium lands, and 7 estates up for grabs. Regular lands cost 1,011 SAND and premiums 4,683 SAND. Purchases will be on the official Sandbox map. Estates are auctioned off on OpenSea. Even though the sales are in SAND, you will still need ETH in your wallet to pay for gas fees.

As usual, the Premium lands come with a special NFT or two based on the latest Sandbox partners. This time around we have a golden robot called Curio, the SHK Scallywag 100 Super Maxi, Gummy Villain, Davis – Little Fighter, Dreamergo in Black, and Man Kong. The NFTs that come with each plot vary, so if you have your eye on a specific one, you’ll want to check the bonus NFTs for the plot before you buy. But don’t wait too long! These sales are always fiercely contested.

About the Partners and Mega City

For this sale, Sandbox is partnering with several Hong Kong based businesses to build up a neighborhood in their metaverse dubbed Mega City. The biggest partners both purchased XL sized (24 x 24) estates. One is Adrian Cheng, an entrepreneur and investor who plans to build an innovation hub. The second, an investment company known as SHK & Co., also has big plans for their estate, including a virtual museum showcasing their art collection.

Other partners include Times Capital, a blockchain investment institution, Stephen Fung and Shu Qi, famous entertainment producer and actress, [email protected], artist and music producer, Little Fighter, a game building a metaverse amusement park on Sandbox, and Dreamergo, a popular illustrator. Each has grand plans for their Sandbox lands — from immersive games, to music, to art, to financial services! It’s interesting to see a group of partners collaborating in this way to build something that extends beyond the borders of their individual parcels.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of the blockchain-powered virtual worlds currently in development. The Sandbox consists of customizable lands with voxel based entities. Visually it will remind many gamers of Minecraft, as both games have this Lego-inspired look to them. However, players are able to buy virtual land and implement any form of monetization. These virtual lands can become mini-games, adventures, virtual shops, extensions of actual webshops, a space for social gatherings, and so on.

The Sandbox provides free tools for developers, gamers and content creators. Creators can use VoxEdit to create voxel-based objects for use in-game. And with the Game Maker users can make all sorts of interactive experiences! The Sandbox will also create a meta gaming experience. Players can for example do daily quests or weekly quests for their guild. This will earn players SAND, which they can sell or use to buy in-game items or virtual land.

full Sandbox map

By: Phil Hall

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