Sushi Nekko are 3,600 unique Nekko Sushi that were released on December 27th. The high quality art gained momentum and eventually sold out within a few hours of launch.  The roadmap includes 50% of the royalties headed into the Nekko DAO Treasury, Game Development, and tokenomics features.  From there the team has a lot of plans including royalties, 3d Sushi Nekko art, Gas refunds and more. Eventually the team will launch a token ($NEKO) for staking and launch a game.

Sushi Nekko Royalty Pass

Roylaty passes are special NFTs that will be made available after mint.  These passes grant access to royalties accumulated from the drop. 20$NEKO tokens will be distributed to token holders and 40 $NEKO will be released to royalty passes per day.  Top $NEKO holders will also be shared with top holders.  The goal of $NEKO will be to become the in game currency of a game that they are launching in the near future.




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