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Let’s start 2022 with a LAND sale. It’s time to go mega!

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A new LAND sale is launching on January 13th at 1PM UTC around Mega City, a new cool neighbourhood in The Sandbox Metaverse.

Welcome to Mega City, the latest expansion of The Sandbox map. This cultural hub will be filled with multiple Hong Kong partners from the film, music, entertainment, acting, finance, real estate, and gaming sectors.

These brand new partners have all acquired some LAND in our Metaverse and have committed to build experiences in Mega City.

Adrian Cheng, a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur and well-established strategic investor, is bringing his vision of the future to The Sandbox through unique interactive experiences aimed at the emerging new generation of metaverse players and entrepreneurs. His XL Estate (24 x 24 LANDs) will be the innovation hub of Mega City. One of its main landmarks will be the GBA Pavilion, a vibrant place of creativity and tech wonders showcasing the successes and achievements of the Greater Bay Area startups. Around this pulsating center, GBA Companies associated with Adrian Cheng, C Venture and Eureka Nova will be featured and provide entertainment, exclusive NFTs, and immersive experiences, making it the place to be for innovators and dreamers of the future.

Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (SHK & Co), a leader in alternative investing headquartered in Hong Kong, entered The Sandbox by participating in its recent US$93M Series B fundraising round. SHK & Co’s XL Estate will bring an experience bridging finance, sports, art and culture from around the world, augmented by SHK & Co’s global investment reach. A financial hub will showcase SHK & Co’s portfolio companies and their services, especially those related to TMT, crypto, and blockchain ecosystems. A virtual museum will present SHK & Co’s art collections, including an exclusive NFT of SHK & Co’s iconic Scallywag racing yacht. Revenues generated will be donated to the SHK & Co Foundation to support various charitable initiatives in the Greater China region. The SHK & Co LAND will include environments to host investor events, exhibitions, exclusive parties, and private performances. SHK & Co has been a long-standing investor in Animoca Brands, the parent company of The Sandbox since 2018, before blockchain and NFTs captured the public’s attention and influenced the gaming landscape. The company’s recent investments in both The Sandbox and LAND reflect its continued belief in the future of open ecosystems and the long-term value that they can create for all stakeholders.

TIMES CAPITAL is a blockchain-related investment and asset management institution that will collaborate with local game studios and creators to bring to the Mega City an immersive Hong Kong film IP museum and game experience based on its over 150 classic films IP portfolio. Their 12×12 ESTATE will also include one of the largest NFT galleries in The Sandbox, displaying TIMES CAPITAL’s rich collection of NFTs, including icons like CryptoPunks, the Meebits, and much more.

Stephen Fung and Shu Qi, the award-winning entertainment stars, are entering The Sandbox to create an exciting district of Mega City that will showcase their talents and love for art and culture on a 6×6 ESTATE. Bridging tradition and modernity, director/producer Stephen Fung will create immersive experiences paying homage to Hong Kong film classics as well as a special NFT gallery that will showcase his creations and those of new artists selected by him. International actress and model Shu Qi will present experiences that favours direct interaction with fans, with a social hub where she will showcase exclusive NFTs.

[email protected], the award-winning artist and music producer, will create the BlueArk Land, Asia’s first clubbing metaverse hub, in The Sandbox. It will be a 3×3 social gathering spot for party animals to experience music, games, art, and beyond, all curated by Dough-Boy and his friends. Exclusive NFT private passes will give access to many unique experiences that will take place at the BlueArk Land including The Warehouse, The Wrestling Room, The Concert Hall, and The Shop.

Little Fighter (LF) creator Marti Wong will lead the development of the Little Fighter Metaverse in The Sandbox. The ultimate virtual amusement park of Mega City, Little Fighter Metaverse will be a virtual world with four different stages: Kowloon City, Ninja Village, Ice and Fire Island, and the Evil Castle. Players will meet and interact with all the most iconic characters from the world of Little Fighter, go on adventures together, solve puzzles, and fight alongside them in missions. All stages will have prizes including exclusive NFT rewards. Ready? Fight!

Dreamergo, the popular Hong Kong-based illustrator, will build Dreamergo World, a virtual fantasy park in The Sandbox. It will showcase the delicate art of Dreamergo, converting over a thousand illustrations full of love and dreams into the voxel style and bringing those lovable icons into a new dimension. Players will be able to collect their favorite characters as exclusive NFTs, locate them to take photos, and explore and play with them in worlds based on Dreamergo’s soothing illustration style.

Each Premium LAND will be sold with a bundle of exclusive NFTs.

  • Curio: This golden robot cruises through The Sandbox innovating and building the next generation’s cultural ecosystem!
  • SHK Scallywag 100 Super Maxi: Speed through the metaverse aboard the 1350 square metres Dowell boat!
  • Gummy Villain: This avatar, amongst others in the collection, will be the main players on Dough Boy’s BlueArk LAND.
  • Davis — Little Fighter: Davis is the main character of Little Fighter. He excels at boxing and shooting rapidfire energy blasts. Few can withstand the might of his dragon punch.
  • Dreamergo in Black: Uses black magic to create an interesting world, bringing dreams and love into the Metaverse.
  • Man Kong: The adorable cat of Stephen Fung And Shu Qi.

All of the auctions for this wave will be accessed below:

Head over to the Sandbox map on January 13rd at 1PM UTC and take your chance to own LAND in the Mega City vicinity.

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