After many years of development, The Sandbox is finally ready to officially open their doors, giving anyone who owns a land plot the freedom and ability to create, publish, and advertise their own, unique experience! With this move to open up publishing to the masses, The Sandbox is poised to expand exponentially!

The Sandbox was always planned as a massive virtual world where owners of land plots could build games and experiences to share with players. And The Sandbox has allowed third parties to publish land experiences for some time now, but it still required an application process. Now that red tape is gone, and anyone with one or more land plots can create and publish whenever they like!

And not only can land owners build out their Sandbox experiences, but they can also create a landing page for their game with a description, screenshots, and a link to the plot’s location in the world.

To help with the process, The Sandbox team has created a helpful guide about publishing your experience.

In addition, The Sandbox has updated their experience browsing system. You can now search through the existing experiences and browse via the map interface. Experiences also have ratings from users. And a new flag shows who created them. Whether built by The Sandbox team, funded through the Game Maker Fund, or individual user created content.

We will likely see a wide variety of projects over the coming months. Some will be bad. Some will be good. Others will be half-assed while some will be built with a professional level team. Some experiences may even try monetizing or gating access behind NFT ownership. All of which is perfectly fine. For out of the chaos will rise a selection of games and development approaches that will propel the experiences in The Sandbox to the next level!

current events in The Sandbox
a few current events in The Sandbox

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a collection of virtual experiences, each one created and customized by the plot owner. The Sandbox ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds. They’ve reached a point where they constantly have at least one or more play and earn events ongoing. Along the way, The Sandbox has made over 700 partnerships, many of them building their own Sandbox experiences! And with lots of big names among them like Atari, Snoop Dogg, Warner Music, and more!

To learn more about The Sandbox, read our complete Sandbox Review and guide here. You can also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

screenshot from The Sandbox

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By: Phil Hall

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