The first closed beta for Wanderers opens on May 3rd. This beta playtest will only be open to accounts who hold RAM cards. Holders will have a chance to dive into this action-packed, sci-fi dungeon adventure to try and defeat the menacing, Dark Entity! Perhaps even with rewards for doing so!

Known as First Jump, this playtest is the first closed beta for Wanderers and open only to RAM Bundle holders.

The playtest runs from Friday, May 3rd 12pm ET to Tuesday May 7th 12pm ET. Players are tasked with finding and defeating the Dark Entity. Supposedly there will be some rewards, though what they are and how they are handed out has not been revealed. Though they do encourage you to try and defeat the Dark Entity as quickly as possible. So it sounds like there will be some sort of leaderboard involved.

To participate in this closed beta, you will need to burn a RAM Beta Bundle NFT. If you don’t have one already, they are available on Open Sea for a little under $100. Once you have your Bundle, head over to to redeem it and receive your access code. Enter the access code at Epic Games and you are ready to download the game!

Wanderers closed beta info
Wanderers closed beta info

RAM bundles provide more than just access codes, though. They also contain packs of RAM cards. RAM cards are memory chips, allowing players to use the skills of past heroes. For now RAMs are account bound. But in the future, players will be able to mint and trade their RAM cards.

RAM Bundles also contain referral codes to invite your friends. Though for the First Jump playtest, this feature is locked. Only RAM holders may play.

RAM chips provide a deck building / customization option for players, allowing them to constantly tweak their character setup to find their preferred builds for dungeon runs.

slotting RAM cards for a run
slotting RAM cards for a run

What is Wanderers?

Wanderers is a free to play, top-down, action-based, roguelite, sci-fi shooter. Players head through wormholes to hostile planets, defeat enemies, find loot, and then do it again. Aside from the randomness of the dungeon generation, Wanderers also gives players plenty of options to customize their play sessions.

Players do this by building a deck of RAM cards, each representing a new skill or power-up. During a run, players may find RAM terminals where they can access a random selection of RAMs, including those from their deck and others based on the dungeon they’re running. Adding multiple copies of the same RAM to your deck will increase your odds of being able to access that particular RAM at the terminals.

Wanderers has received investment backing from Animoca Brands.

To learn more about Wanderers, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

Wanderers closed beta gameplay screenshot
Wanderers closed beta gameplay screenshot

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