Introduction: presenting Dappcraft 2.0

“Hi, dear metaverse traveler! You are at the main event in DAPPCRAFT history. Today you will see the evolution of the company and the beginning of a new era in its history ” – this is how the DAPPCRAFT video begins, dedicated to their upgrade to a new level – their 2.0.

An event dedicated to the company’s rebranding took place last weekend. For those not yet familiar with the company, please read this text to have an introduction. After reading it, you will gain an understanding of DAPPCRAFT 2.0 , their different lines of business and give you an insight into the company’s future prospects and business horizons in the metaverse.

DAPPCRAFT is one of the major agencies in the metaverse. They have created many iconic projects for the industry and arrived at the milestone when they decided to upgrade to version 2.0. We already presented different works of Dappcraft in two previous articles (NFT wearable in the Metaverse and construction in the metaverse).

DappCraft has created clothing collections and worked with big brands like Playboy, NASA and Coca-Cola. Their clients included top crypto companies and NFT brands like Metamask, Kraken and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Guys made art installations and built incredible buildings, setting the standard of quality for ad campaigns in the metaverse.

Interview of Demyan Golyshev, co-founder of DappCraft:

Demyan Golyshev, co-founder of the company, shared with us the main values and ideals of the company:

We started working with the metaverse at the very dawn of its formation. Back in 2017, the founders of DAPPCRAFT met and created a community based on confidence in the future of the industry. From the merging of a joint effort, DappCraft 1.0 was born. Our main goal has always been to create a future in which our children will live. We want to shape a better world by being at the heart of the action. We believe that the world of the metaverse will be better and safer than the world in which we live now.

There will be no place for dictatorships and anger in it, and all decisions will be made collectively. Dozens of new professions will appear in these digital structures, and everyone will be able to apply their skills and unleash their potential. Almost all of us met at the metaverse, and our business is a bright example of how people of future generations will be able to create companies. We are expanding and growing, opening up new horizons, which is why we decided to create DAPPCRAFT 2.0.  It is necessary to open new horizons by approaching your history with awe and respect. That is why we decided to make a rebranding for our company and tell you about the DAPPCRAFT. 

We are still at the very beginning of the journey. I came into this business primarily because I was interested in having a hand in creating the future of humanity. The Metaverse is a new direction for the socialization of people. The DAPPCRAFT team wants to be part of something new and great. My main income is not related to DAPPCRAFT, I am engaged in investments. I believe that the market will grow a thousand fold in 5 years. I would not recommend doing business in the metaverse to those who do not believe that the future of humanity lies in digitalization.

Demyan Golyshev – Co-founder of DappCraft

DAPPCRAFT 2.0 they will become a company that includes several sub-brands:

  • An agency creating experiences in metaverses that work with top projects and big brands.
  • A studio that comes up with new functional solutions and develops cool creative ideas. 
  • A P2E game that will connect many multiverses simultaneously. 
  • A guild for P2E games that will unite players and investors from all over the world!

The main idea of the team is to give the metaverses deep and profound meanings. One who help 3D modellers and programmers to complete this task is Yegor Lapshov, creative producer of DAPPCRAFT. He told his history of start and share why creative specialists should start to work in the metaverse as soon as possible.

Interview of Yegor Lapshov, Creative producer of DappCraft:

Yegor Lapshov, creative producer of the agency also shared his vision of the industry:

I was involved in PR and advertising in various projects, but as soon as I got into DAPPCRAFT, I immediately realized that this is what I would like to do for a very long time.

The prospects for the industry amaze me. The metaverses have combined all mediums invented in the history of humanity at once (different types of content – photos, videos, games.). Modern technology offers incredible opportunities for placing a person inside these mediums. The user and the customer have many more ways of interacting with the content and in the long run spend more time on it than they do in standard social networks.

I love creative and advertising tools, which in turn open up a lot of imagination and lower the cost of brand activations. By coming to the metaverse, the company gets the opportunity to be among the first ones to join an incredibly rich and vibrant space. It’s wonderful to be one of those who shape innovative communication and techniques for income generation. In my opinion, the creation of a project in the metaverse is a great step towards getting involved in the creative economy of the future. New opportunities help unlock consciousness that is more and more constrained by the ethical and technical limitations of classical social networks. I am grateful to DAPPCRAFT for letting me come in touch with the shaping of the future today.

Yegor Lapshov – Creative Producer of DappCraft

The first investments of the company’s founders amounted to $1.000, which they used to create a collection of clothes and a website. Within 2 days after the start of sales of the collection, they earned $20k. In recent months, the agency has reached an income of more than $50k per month, their profit for the year is over $500k in monetary terms and over $1.5 million in assets.

All the creative and financial work cannot be done without hard skills of talented modellers. The head of the 3D department told what is it to be a 3D specialist in the metaverse today. And what should a modeller know to be hired in DAPPCRAFT.

Interview of Chris Nikonets, Head of the 3D department of DappCraft:

Agency projects are striking in their sophistication and quality. This would have been impossible without the teamwork of the 3D department. The head of the 3D department Chris Nikonets told us about this:

I started working at DappCraft when the concept of ‘the metaverse’ seemed to be something incomprehensible and distant. There was little information on the internet about this. You could call me a self-taught artist. I was searching for a job, and checked off only one qualification in the job description. But as it turned out, I can do much more. It was necessary to believe in myself and I succeeded. The project begins with the CEO announcing that there is an idea or there is a customer with an idea.

We start looking for references on the Internet, and everyone offers something of their own (I offer my insights, Egor – his), then we come to a unified conclusion and begin to work it out. The guys from the 3D department and I make several models and several versions of how we see it, then we upload everything into DCL and watch it. If everyone likes what they see, then we show it to the customer, and if not, we refine it, change something, improve the 3D models. But it all starts with references we find on the Internet (for example, you would write “a futuristic building” in Google or on Pinterest, and it all starts with a picture of some futuristic building that guides everyone, and if we all like it we turn this image into a 3D model).

We are currently trying to explore other metaverses like Sandbox. We also already have solutions for the game The Somnium space, which is gaining popularity now. Our main goal next year is to do big projects in all the metaverses. In addition, we want to have departments specifically dedicated to each game: one department for Decentraland, another for Somnium.

Anyone can get a job in DappCraft given enough desire and talent: it’s plain as day – there is a test task. If an applicant succeeds, then we consider whether to take them on. We call on them if there is an opportunity, and if they perform well again, if they don’t argue with anyone (a conflict-free person), if they are creative, if they have good ideas and do the job well, then, naturally, that’s the kind of person you can work with.

Chris Niknets – Head of the 3D department at DappCraft


dappcraft new logo

Roughly speaking, the metaverse is the next step in the production and consumption of content on the Internet. In the days of Web 1.0. the content was created by specially trained people, and users read it. It was read, because the development of the Internet did not allow sharing a large number of photos and videos, and the monitors had a low resolution.

Now, in the era of Web 2.0. each of us is a producer of content, mostly on social media. Thanks to smartphones and mobile Internet, you can make online streams and play games at high speed. But it’s still 2D content inside a metal device, although many smartphones have the ability to work with AR applications – this is a step towards the spatial Internet.

The metaverse is an Internet without borders: virtual, augmented and “real” reality will merge into one space. Don’t hesitate to join the different Dappcraft social media: 

Twitter – Instagram – Discord – Website

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