Beta Season 1 for My Neighbor Alice. And with it come official Adventure Contests, which offer ALICE tokens as prizes, one of which just started today! The beta is free to play, so if farming and crafting in a multiplayer, social environment is your style of game, you might want to check out My Neighbor Alice!

My Neighbor Alice started their beta season 1 back in mid-April, but there is still time to join this free to play farming and crafting game, and potentially earn some tokens by participating in weekly contests!

This new playtest includes an emotes system for more varied social interactions, and an in-game trading system. And while the ability to have animated emotes is an important part of a virtual social scene, the in-game market is a larger step forward. Especially with a farming and crafting focused game! Additionally, we have new crafting stations both in town and on player plots, new levels and upgrades for tools, and new quests to complete.

trade items at the Storefront
trade items at the Storefront

The beta is free to play. Players can either own or purchase an NFT land, or claim a trial land plot to access the beta. Head over to the official webpage to download the launcher (PC only for the moment) and get started!

And to encourage players, they have started running weekly contests. This week, the object is to collect as many fish (and as much variety) as you can. You’ll need to post a screenshot of your inventory on Twitter and tag the official My Neighbor Alice account to participate. Winner receives 150 ALICE tokens (current price at $1.23 per token). You can read the official rules and requirements here.

Fishing Frenzy challenge
Fishing Frenzy challenge

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer blockchain-based building and farming game. Players can own and buy virtual islands and meet friends while building and collecting items. The game is similar in many ways to Stardew Valley. Players grow crops, fish, craft, decorate, and trade. But My Neighbor Alice has quite a bit of complexity to it. For example, each body of water has a different selection of fish in it — with different fish preferring different types of bait!

The game offers plenty of plot customization, with a large selection of decorative items as well as crafting stations and crop growing.

My Neighbor Alice includes a companion mobile app called Alice’s Wardrobe. Players can decorate their avatar in this app and then save their appearance to the blockchain for use in the main game. They also have their own out of game marketplace, with item transactions using the game’s ALICE token.

My Neighbor Alice is currently in beta testing.

To learn more about My Neighbor Alice, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

a decorated land plot in My Neighbor Alice
a decorated land plot

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