Award-winning games developer Zillion Whales is joining forces with Ronin to debut an innovative real-time (RT) strategy game dubbed ‘Wild Forest,’ introducing energetic PvP battles and adrenaline-pumping card-collecting mechanics to the gaming community.

‘Wild Forest’ puts players on demanding missions to demolish rival castles before theirs collapses. The gameplay includes rapid resource generations, spawning of units, and never-ending attacks. Players can strategize by building decks before each battle. These decks determine the units they can deploy to expand territory for triumph. Players needing extra support can collect ‘Mines’ to boost energy efficiency, giving them a better chance at obliterating their rivals’ bastions.

Victories demand fast thinking and smart strategies, as the speedy nature of the game means that a singular error can cause defeat. Each click holds weight, keeping players engaged throughout.

Wild Forest’s Captivating Passage

Propelling forward, Wild Forest aims to kick-start trading of in-game collectibles, including Skins, Unit NFTs, $WF tokens and more — each of which, once launched, will be available through secondary marketplaces. This way, players can engage with virtual holdings beyond and inside the battlefield. 

Moreover, although the game is currently in alpha testing, it is set to launch on the App Store, Play Store, and Mavis Hub as developments advance. So, prepare for a sudden unveiling of the launch date. 

Zillion Whales’ partnership with Ronin, developed by Sky Mavis, also means that experts behind the EVM-based blockchain — developed to empower play-to-earn games — can boost Wild Forest as a groundbreaking game. One that blends conventional gameplay with revolutionary blockchain features. 

As Zillion Whales’ Wild Forest emerges, blockchain gamers can anticipate an exciting, dynamic RTS experience that combines strategy, skill, and fast, agile thinking. 

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