The project had impossible expectations when Taylor Gerring (co founder of Ethereum) announced that he’d use the serum live on stream with TropoFarmer.  Somehow the stream exceeded expectations.  Over 10,000 tuned in on twitch and spaces for the reveal and somehow the resulting Mega Mutant didn’t disappoint. DMT Mega Mutand #30004 is now forever part of the NFT lexicon, and those that were lucky enough to attend also received an awesome POAP.

The excitement just couldn’t stop there. Within 12 hours the next Mega Mutant Serum was sold for 999 $ETH. With only 3 Mega Mutant Serums left, it will be interesting to see what influencers, brands, or princes, buy the serum and more importantly when will they use it?  In the current NFT cycle, these mutant serums represent a massive grab for attention making the possibilities endless.

The two biggest sales in the history of BAYC or MAYC are the two last Mega Mutant Serums.  This is interesting because there has been some conflict within the BAYC / MAYC community around the community components.  The fact that mutants are able to demand this attention is likely good for the floor long term of all MAYC NFTs.  As of December 28th, the average price for the Mutant Ape Yacht Club has reached an all time high, above 13 ETH.  The floor is currently heading towards 11 ETH and the volume doesnt appear to be slowing down.

The MUTANT APE YACHT CLUB is a collection of up to 20,000 Mutant Apes that can only be created by exposing an existing Bored Ape to a vial of MUTANT SERUM or by minting a Mutant Ape in the public sale.



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