Rhapsody Curated, a distinguished European NFT photography platform, has partnered with three renowned fine art photographers to raise awareness about climate change with NFTs. To be released on May 4th, the project will be the first time these photographers will mint their work on the blockchain, and all the funds raised will be directed toward fighting this global issue.

The trio of photographers will showcase their unique styles by creating six photo collections reflecting the current state of the environment. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nicolas Henry, and Namsa Leuba are the three iconic photographers involved, and were brought together by Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, Rhapsody’s Head of Curation.

Arthus-Bertrand, a renowned French photographer, filmmaker, and environmentalist, is best known for his captivating aerial photo collection “Earth From Above.” Henry’s artistic endeavors blend photography, sculpture, and performance art, exploring themes like memory, nostalgia, and the passage of time. Lastly, Leuba is a Swiss-Guinean photographer whose artwork examines the influence of the Western perspective on African identity. Leuba notes, “We all have different styles and approaches when it comes to art, but we are sending the same messages of urgency.”

50% of the Collection’s Proceeds will be Donated to Photoclimat

The artworks will range in price from 2 ETH ($3,685) to 8 ETH ($14,745), with between three and six photos available from each artist. Over 50% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Photoclimat, a French charity that raises awareness of climate change through photography. 

De Pibrac’s intention in convincing the artists to mint their works as NFTs was to further the reach of Photoclimat’s mission to previously unreachable audiences with the support of the blockchain. According to de Pibrac, “With NFTs, we can broadcast this message to many more people and use this technology to allow people to buy art pieces they couldn’t [otherwise] buy.”

“If you’re in New York or Africa, you cannot buy something from France; the impact is too big,” he continued. “But with NFTs, the impact is very low.”

The collaboration between Rhapsody Curated and these three distinguished photographers is a remarkable example of how art can be used to raise awareness about critical issues like climate change. The initiative highlights the potential of NFTs to create a positive impact by supporting worthy causes by selling unique and valuable artworks.

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