With the recent release of the Adidas-clad Punks Comic #2, it was clear that the iconic brand had something up its sleeve. Yet, while many within the NFT community may have seen this move coming — especially considering Punks Comic, BAYC and GMoney all recently copped some Adidas merch for their PFPs weeks ago — the hype surrounding the forthcoming drop has exploded with this latest announcement.

The drop, titled Into the Metaverse, will consist of 30,000 NFTs which seem likely to be identical in nature. Set to go live tomorrow at an unspecified time, each NFT will be purchasable for 0.2 ETH. While Adidas has yet to share the full details surrounding the drop, they’ve shared that owners of the Into The Metaverse NFTs will be able to redeem the token for metaverse wearables as well as exclusive Adidas products including a hoodie, tracksuit and orange beanie.

“We’ve embarked on the new age of originality,” Adidas Originals VP of Brand Communications Erika Wykes-Sneyd said in a statement. “We said from the very beginning, that if we’re going to be the brand that’s going to stand for, represent and help push the values of this new generation into the world, then we must move at the speed of culture. This goes back to the principles of Adidas, where we embrace the edge, open the door for the new and act with rebellious optimism.”

The drop will be held at Adidas.com/metaverse. To learn more about the collection, visit the Adidas news site here.

Photos courtesy of Adidas.

By: Langston Thomas


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