The ArabPunkz project, referred to by many as “The Kings of Memes,” was founded on November 14, 2021 – working from the ground up, from an empty Discord server to almost 20,000 genuine community members spread across all of their social media platforms in just under two months, it has been a wild ride for these up-and-coming “habibis.”

It’s easy to wonder how this small community grew so big and so fast, but the answer is actually quite simple. ArabPunkz carries around a very special, contagious essence with it everywhere it goes – whether it be through their community-made GIFs, photos, roleplay, daily social networking raids, or anecdotal sayings, this essence brings laughter and positive energy to anyone exposed to it. ArabPunkz is a derivative of the notable ETH project CryptoPunks. The most expensive CryptoPunk sold for over $11.8 million in June of this year, 2021.

It’s important to note that it wasn’t smooth sailing right off the shisha for the ArabPunkz. Initially, they received backlash from the NFT space, primarily because of the perceived concept about how the project may be viewed from a sociological standpoint. They were at first denied listing on the most popular secondary marketplaces for Solana-based NFTs.

After some community leaders learned for themselves how loving and genuine the ArabPunkz community really was, this all quickly took a turn for the greater good. The truth of the matter was that ArabPunkz are and have always been about fun, positive vibes, and community engagement. Once this became obvious on a broader scale, it was time for ArabPunkz to make their claim to glory.

How things are shaping up for ArabPunkz

 Let’s discuss some of the achievements that ArabPunkz made in the past month since they launched. Originally, the presale price of each individual ArabPunkz was 0.1 SOL (approximately $25 at the time). Since then, the most expensive ArabPunkz sold for 25 SOL (almost $5,000) – that’s a 250x increase! In December, less than one week after their launch, ArabPunkz held the #1 most popular project position on the biggest Solana NFT secondary marketplace (Magic Eden) – a feat that most projects wish to achieve. Since the launch of the NFTs themselves, on December 2, 2021, the project value has increased almost 1,000% overall. With over 9,000 SOL in total volume so far in just under a month, ArabPunkz stands to be a contender for one of the top Solana NFT projects of all time.

ArabPunkz on Solana

In addition to acquiring all of these personal project achievements, ArabPunkz gave back to the NFT community in the best of ways – by setting trends for other projects to create similar communities of their own. Since the successful launch and surge in popularity of ArabPunkz, over 15 other cultural punk projects emerged in the Solana NFT space, all of which set out with similar plans to benefit the collective community.

Each of these individual communities followed in ArabPunkz’s footsteps, creating GIFs, images, and unique roleplay in line with their own cultural demographic in order to share the love with their followers and bring good vibes all around. Another phenomenon recently observed is that many popular projects, such as @TurtlesNFT, made ArabPunk versions of their NFTs. This is how NFT communities should be interacting and embracing each other’s culture, and it’s great to see that this project was able to make this concept a reality.

ArabPunkz welcome everybody

What makes ArabPunkz so special is that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re Arabic or not – anyone is free to hop into the community and shout “YALLLAHHH” in support of the project. Anyone is free to take a picture of their choice and slap a couple of ArabPunkz heads onto it to create a funny meme to share with the community. Anyone is free to join in on an official social media raid (which consists of groups of ArabPunkz supporters banding together as a community and sharing the project with those that haven’t yet heard about it).

There is no judgement, and there are no bad intentions behind any of it. With how crazy things can be in the real world, this may all be hard to believe, but it’s also what makes ArabPunkz as unique of a community as it is.

The ArabPunkz community is quickly growing, and there are some big plans ahead. Over Christmas weekend, Habibtis (also known as “Arab Wives”) were free for ArabPunkz holders to claim, and the unclaimed ones went on public sale for 0.4 SOL ($80) per NFT. Can you guess what happens when you take an Arab and his wife and you breed them together? That’s right… BABY ARABS!!! This is the next plan on the roadmap for ArabPunkz, and it’s been very exciting for the community as a whole. There are many more exciting plans ahead – this is just the beginning. From seeing the ArabPunkz community grow from 0 to almost 20,000 in less than two months, it is clear that this project has everlasting potential to continue blooming. We are very excited to see what is coming next, are you?

Website: https://arabpunkz.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arabpunkz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arabpunkz/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/4GS8A4VQWR

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