Yesterday, Runestone, a Bitcoin Ordinals project led by the anonymous collector and NFT expert LeonidasNFT, achieved a historic milestone by mining “the largest inscription ever, AGAIN!” 

Such a block — unchallenged in size at 3.97 MB — was mined through a collaboration between Marathon Digital’s Slipstream, a service for direct Bitcoin transaction submissions via its MARA mining pool, and OrdinalsBot, which streamlines Ordinals inscriptions.

Leonidas articulated the rationale for his initiative in a recent post on X, stating, “The top blockchain in the world should have the top meme coin in the world.”

To achieve this vision, he advocates for an extensive airdrop approach, emphasizing, “The top meme coin in the world should be distributed through a substantial free airdrop without any allocation to the team, to the most dedicated community.”


Unlocking Airdrop Eligibility

Airdrop eligibility also extends to “cursed inscriptions” — Ordinals that the Ord indexer initially missed, a tool designed for tracking and registering Inscriptions, resulting in their absence from wallets and marketplaces.

Leonidas recently described it as “a process” in a recent message to the project’s Discord community, saying, “If we wanted to do something basic, it would have been done a month ago. Everyone could have made a quick profit, and life would have moved on.”

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