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Dear Community

This is the last letter that we write this year and in our opinion one of the most beautiful ones.
Very few minutes ago the 10M $BTSG Airdrop for a total value of around $5,000,000 was completed as we promised a few weeks ago.

The networks that have been airdropped are Cosmos, Osmosis and Juno, of which stakers were able to benefit from this extraordinary campaign, according to the parameters indicated in the official announcement.

The number of eligible wallets for each network were:

Cosmos — ELGIBLE ADDRESS: 96.824
Osmosis — ELEGIBLE ADDRESS: 17.381

Furthermore, as we announced in the previous article, in order to avoid confusions or losses of token, we have developed a bridge that allows you to move the tokens received via IBC, using the right channels from one network to another.

This tool is now available and you can use it at your own pleasure, with the mention that being a recently developed tool could have bugs or errors, so use it at your own risk, as Bitsong does not take responsibility for any losses of $BTSG through the use of it.

BRIDGE — https://bridge.bitsong.io/

Do not forget to connect bitsong-2b to Keplr, you can do it via https://wallet.bitsong.io

Remember that for any operation you might want to do with your airdropped $BTSGs, you first need to bring the tokens to BitSong and then use them for staking, pools, swaps or whatever you may consider fit.

For example, in the event that you got airdropped with BTSG on your Osmosis wallet and you want to transfer them to Osmosis in order to add them to a pool, you first have to send them to bitsong as in the figure below, so first select the chain of origin, then BitSong, the wallet origin is taken automatically from keplr but the destination wallet has to be put manually.

Then sign the transaction with Keplr:

You’re all set now, your tokens were sent to BitSong, you can check the status of the transaction in mintscan using the tx hash that the bridge shows you.
If your tokens are not reaching the bitsong wallet immediately, do not worry, it might take a few minutes, remeber that this is an IBC transaction and not an onchain one.

If you find any bugs or errors on the bridge, please reach out and notify the team via our communication channels on Telegram or Discord.

That said, we consider that 2021 was the best year in BitSong’s history so far and it couldn’t end in a different way than with a recognition for the enormous contribution that you all have given and will furtherly give to its growth.

The whole Bitsong team wishes you an extraordinarily Happy New Year and that your lives will be filled only with joys!!!

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By: BitSongOfficial


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