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We are coming close to the end of the year and we’re thrilled to look back on the exciting achievements of our community projects on Immutable X. Since releasing access to the community in September, we’ve had more than 90 projects launched on Immutable X L2 (at time of publishing)! We achieved nearly $50M USD traded in community projects. Also, 500+ testnet contracts registered in 1 month since self-service contract registration went live on ROpsten. Last month, here are some of the key community projects we’d like to highlight:

Battle Catz is a state-of-the-art initiative that connects the digital world of the modern-day to the real world through its creative way of leveraging digital art (NFTs) to help the cause of various charities involved with helping big cats. Battle Catz stands for “Battle for the life of big cats.” 5% of all proceeds are going towards helping various charities involved with helping big cats from being poached and going extinct.

When supporters collect one of their 8080 unique digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, they will be entitled to a variety of benefits like giveaways of NFTs and Safari Trips to see big cats. They also plan to adopt big cats for their holders where they will receive monthly updates on them.

Battle Catz is one of the most active communities on Immutable X with a charity donation of over $60,000 off initial mint. Support their work by following their Twitter, Instagram or visiting their website.

Mantial developed a self-serve SaaS platform in August 2021 that enables companies and entrepreneurs to launch their NFT collections without code and within minutes. They believe that everyone deserves a solution that is fast, economical, and reliable.

Some of their greatest accomplishments are:

  1. One of the largest providers of Immutable X for the number of collections launched, number of unique and combined primary sales, and number of unique and combined traded volumes.
  2. Providers of the collection with the fastest sold-out on Immutable X’s history.
  3. Providers of the collection with one of the largest historical traded volume.
  4. Combined traded volume and sales close to $30 million dollars.
  5. Launched the first PFP project ever on Immutable X: Moody Krows.

You can learn more about them on their website, Twitter or Discord.

Baby Krows were successfully airdropped with zero gas fees to Moody Krow holders who held a pair/pairs of Moody Krows de-listed from the marketplace. Baby Krows had some of the same trait categories carried over from the parent Moody Krow collection and also featured a few new ones such as baby toys and a companion bug!

While being absurdly adorable may seem like utility enough for the Baby Krows, they aren’t quite done with their journey in the metaverse. The next step from the Moody Krows team is releasing our “Pebbles” or a form of utility currency that Moody Krows owners will accumulate by holding their Krows in their IMX inventory. These Pebbles, among other things, will be used to exchange for Gems with different attributes and rarities; these gems can then be fused with Baby Krows to ascend them to their next form.

Take note that Ascended Krow! Pebbles, Gems, and Ascended Krows are set for a release in Q1 2022.

In terms of their recent successes, Moody Krows have officially breached 5000 ETH in trade volume last month and they are also approaching almost 10,000 total trades! They plan to set the records, and the bar, as high as possible for the Immutable X communities.

Support their work by visiting their Twitter, Discord or website.

We followed the IMX Moody Krows drops in October 2021 where they made a rarity guide on a Google Spreadsheet which was good, but not very user-friendly. Then Angry Orc made the same, so we had the idea: “develop a custom platform to help the community with rarity guide’.

One week later, imxrarity.io was born with the alpha version. For 1 month we are developing every day on our platform to improve user experience and add new features. We were shared on many discord server projects and got many good reviews and many engagements, which is a pleasure when you’re developing a tool for the community. Some KPIs:

  • We exceeded 1 million requests on our website
  • More than 25k unique visitors in one month
  • Launched a twitter account of 1.3k followers

Learn more about IMX Rarity at:

If you’re interested in building your NFT project on Ethereum’s first layer 2 scaling solution for free minting and trading:

  • Get started now — check out our docs site.
  • Join the discussion on Discord.
  • Tell us about your project so we can get in touch and send you information about grants, feature updates, launches, and Immutable news.


By: Immutable X


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